Where to Give

Donors may choose to direct their gifts to support AU Watch’s general operations or specific research programs or projects. Gifts may be for current use, multi-year support, or endowment.

General Operating Support
This is our general operating fund that helps us to sustain our day-to-day operations.General Operating Support enables AU Watch to hire and retain the best staff, convene events and conduct outreach activities that ensure maximum impact on AU Watch public policy. It also gives our experts the resources they need for a wide range of projects. Unrestricted funding enables AU Watch to respond quickly to new challenges and those just over the horizon. These resources also underwrite the core operations of the institution and support our commitment to quality, independence, and impact. Learn more about how to support AU Watch’s General Operating Fund.

Your gift to AU WATCH supports effective research and analysis that improves lives.

Strategic Initiatives Fund
AU Watch Strategic Initiatives Fund, which has been established for each of the ten program areas provides flexible resources to start new projects, fund institutional priorities, and respond quickly to breaking events that demand immediate attention. With the speed at which events are happening around the region, AU Watch is often called upon to respond quickly to new developments, even in the absence of dedicated funding to support these efforts. Our Strategic Initiatives Funds enable our staff, volunteers and other partners to react quickly to these situations. Learn more about how to support AU Watch’s Strategic Initiatives Funds.

The Corporate Funding Program
This Fund has been established in each of the ten program areas to provide the flexibility to develop and fund new projects and institutional priorities, and respond quickly to events like disasters and other emergencies.
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Multi-lateral Support
Do you want to strengthen the capacities of Women and Women CSOs in a particular country in Africa, but do not have the manpower or presence to do just that? We welcome donors who may wish to collaborate with us and other donors on a particular project or on-going project. We also receive project monies on behalf of other organizations to reach and empower marginalized groups, for example, to improve their socio-economic conditions. We assist in designing and delivering on your promise. Get in touch with us for an informal discussion as to how we can be assistance.
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Your gift to AU WATCH further supports practical assistance to the youths of Africa, women and communities that needs it the most.

Project Support
AU Watch we believe that everyone should have the power to turn their ideas into reality. Program Support Fund allows donors to support a specific project or activity, and are tied to specific, project-based outcomes. We offer our donors and volunteers to participate in a range of opportunities and initiatives to harness positive social change. AU Watch benefit from specific support for many of its short and even long-term projects including media and communication, research, public policy, education, outreach,development, climate change and other activities.
Learn more about how to support AU Watch’s projects.

Donors who endow their gifts can make a difference in their community during their lifetime, and for the future of the community. Grants will continue to be made in the name of the fund they establish so that their charitable wishes are preserved. A gift of endowed funds provides crucial support for key priorities and ensures an enduring legacy for the donor. Permanent endowments provide income to AU Watch in perpetuity. Many endowed research chairs, fellowships, lecture series and other vehicles can be named as a lasting testament to the generosity of the donor or to honor an individual of the donor’s choosing. Donors who wish to leave a gift that costs nothing during their lifetime, can include AU Watch in their will or estate plan, ensuring that their charitable vision endures forever. The establishment of an endowment fund makes certain a donor’s name and family legacy of giving also continues. Learn more about how to support AU Watch’s Endowment Fund.

Anti-corruption Fund
How badly do you detest corruption? How serious is the AU or its Members are about combatting corruption? How can we, as Africans, trust an organization led by some of the most corrupt leaders, to get rid of a problem they have created and overseeing? Do we really expect a thief to adopt measures that will make him accountable for all his or her stolen loot, or to legislate against him or herself? Don’t you think the AU’s 2018 “a time for combatting corruption” is more a less a farce, probably even a façade? How can we allow hyenas to look after goats? At AU Watch we know that the problem of corruption is always the same – thieves and criminals need to move stolen cash around and somewhere to stash up their ill-gotten wealth. They also need to spend it without been seen or noticed.

AU Watch is on the trail of all those who are keeping us in poverty. We detail and expose the impact of bribery and corruption all over Africa. We track, monitor and investigate corruption at the highest levels of government all over Africa, pushing for effective enforcement of local, national, regional and global anti-corruption legislation, and building and regional and international network of anti-corruption partners and activists. We also assist prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, NGOs, journalists, activists and legislators in their efforts to fight corruption. Then we use the media to expose corruption. We alsopublish anti-corruption Reports.

So, if like us you are that angry about how the continent is being ripped apart by corruption, why not support our anti-corruption fund? Contributions into this fund helps to hire and retain the best investigators, convene workshops, develop documentaries and anti-corruption films, train anti-corruption advocates all over the continent, produce reports and much more.
Learn more about how to support AU Watch’s fight against corruption in Africa.

Through media and communication our gift assures Africa’s voiceless to question their leaders and, in the process, claim their human rights.

Structured Gifts
Structured gifts combine the immediate impact of direct project support with the durability of an endowment. The funds from a structured gift are typically invested in AU Watch’s general endowment, but, depending on the immediate needs of the underlying project, the invested funds can realize a higher payout during the project’s start-up phase. Many structured gifts can be named as a testament to the generosity of the donor or to honor an individual of the donor’s choosing.

Gifts in Kind
Gifts and in-kind donations of all sorts have helped us further our work, and brought opportunity and resources to people in need. Contributions large and small continue to make a difference, and we believe there is something everyone can give to allow us to deliver on our mandate.

What are in-kind donations?
When individuals or organizations donate goods or services, those donations are considered gifts-in-kind. At AU Watch, we know that giving back is important to individuals and corporations – that every opportunity to help make an impact is an opportunity worth taking. We want to help make that possible. Whether you want to donate medicine, food or even your time, we are committed to making sure that your gift-in-kind donation go to those in need around Africa.
We accept in-kind gifts like building materials, furniture, appliances and more. As you probably know, two of our most immediate tasks at hand are building or equipping schools and clinics. So, some of our most valued gifts-in-kind are the materials used to build schools and clinics. Additionally, retailers with overstock items donate those goods to us. Donations like these are usually sold in our AU shops. Nothing is too small or big for us.