AU Watch Development Group

AU Watch Development Group is a group of businesses who take a keen interest in our work. They support our work in lots of ways, including donating to our general operating budget. Donations and assistance to our general operating budget gives us the flexibility to do, for example, research, advocacy, conduct a fact finding or promotion mission, publish our magazines and books, like our outreach and media work or the possibility to run AU Watch TV and AU Watch Radio. We invite businesses to partner with us on major events and community programmes. There are always benefits from partnering with us. Partnering helps you promote your brand, products and campaigns to your most immediate constituent in the community. We are deeply grateful for such assistance. Members of AU Watch Development Group enjoy numerous opportunities to be engaged with the work of AU Watch first-hand and have the opportunity to see our research at close quarters. Interested in working with us?


You could:

  • Fund or offer some additional support for one of our many projects.
  • Offer internship or even job opportunities to programs supported by AU Watch for young people in the community or have an input in the skills our young people learn from many of the cottage industries partnering with AU Watch.
  • Lend your time, expertise and resources to support AU Watch on matters of important social issues, like getting all begging children off the streets.
  • Other areas you could partner us in include: entrepreneurship training and employment; social justice projects; farming; operation feed our children in schools; organizing events; climate change projects and even community health initiatives. Learn More.

How will it benefit your business?

Corporate-NGO partnerships are no longer based on how much a company will gain financially. Businesses are using their different skills and resources to work towards shared objectives and values. Our experience shows that when CSOs and for-profit companies work together they can create something bigger than they would alone. As scale is created through advocacy as well as programmes, NGO partnerships have improved business understanding of social and environmental issues. Many of our businesses have reported that their business practices have been changed for the better as a result, as they realize the social impact of their involvement and contribution in working with local CSOs.

Businesses’ share in the responsibility for the destruction and degradation of nature on our planet is considerable, but many of these businesses depend on nature to stay in business. In many parts of West Africa, deforestation through slash and burn agriculture is destroying the environment. Many farmers are unaware of the negative impact of their activities on nature, nor do they know how to benefit from nature in a sustainable way. NGOs like AU Watch is making a huge difference in the way people farm and use land. In The Gambia, AU Watch is working in partnerships with Farm Aphrika, a pig and chicken farm and a property development company, Salma Global Properties, in co-creating new markets for distinctive, responsible products, which has created brand preferences for the companies among buyers.

Do you wish to partner with AU Watch on an event or project? You can boost existing programmes with financial support and resources, or work with us on new initiatives using your expertise to make a positive impact on local communities. We accept partnership support and provide advisory services for a range of projects. Companies and individuals wishing to form some sort of partnership can contact us. We provide companies and organizations the Project Partnership Support Facility and wide-ranging advisory services. From the outset of planning a project, donors will be in constant contact with AU Watch partnership’s experts who can provide guidance throughout the different phases of a project. Some of the services provided by AU Watch include:

  • Planning and financial advice
  • Mentoring service.

If you have are interested in participating and supporting our work, get in touch with us by emailing [email protected].