Senior Management Team & Supporting Staff

The Strategic Leadership Group (SLG), the Senior Management Team (SMT) of AU Watch, is the executive decision-making body of AU Watch. It is a twelve-person body, headed by the Executive Director, who is the Chief Executive of AU Watch and directly assisted by AU Watch’s Director of Strategic Operations. The other ten members are the Heads of the various Directorates (Deputy Executive Directors or Directors). Its function is to manage AU Watch, implement the policies of the Council and take strategic decisions. They meet at least once a month. 

The SLG is supported by the Governing Council’s ten advisory Sub-committees that look at specific issues in the areas of policies, programs, risk management, research strategy, ICT, media, education, development, resources, finance, and fundraising. The five-person Sub-committees, generally, have direct policy oversight over its corresponding Directorates. There are ten Directorates. The Sub-committees are composed of three renowned ‘Volunteer Experts’ in that field of operation and two staff members, one of which is the Head of the particular Directorate. He acts as Company Secretary to the Sub-committee. He is assisted by another senior staff member. The Sub-committees are chaired by the ‘Volunteer Experts.’ The Sub-committees meet once a month. They can meet in extra-ordinary session to discuss urgent and extra-ordinary matters.

Dr Feyi Ogunade, Executive Director

To contact Feyi, please email him at: [email protected]

Adeyemi Coker, Director, Agenda 2063 Programme

To contact Adeyemi, please email him at: [email protected]

Dieu-Donne Wedi Djamba, Director, Judicial and Human Rights Directorate

To contact Dieu-Donne, please email him at: [email protected]

Dr Femi Olarewaju: Director of Policy, Information and Communication

To contact Femi, please email him at: [email protected]

Dr Ayo Aniku, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

To contact Ayo, please email him at: [email protected]

Harmony Bobga-Mbuton (Esq.), Head of Litigation

To contact Harmony Please email him at: [email protected]

Lengenju Vitalise Nkemngong, Principal Litigation Officer

To contact Harmony Please email him at: [email protected]

Dwight Wilson, Events & Public Relations Officer

To contact Dwight Please email him at: [email protected]

Sophie Kwokori, Senior Administrative & Finance Manager

To contact Sophie Please email her at: [email protected]

Lum Queen-Telma N, Data Entry & Desktop Support Technician

To contact Telma Please email her at: [email protected]