AU Watch is honoured and fortunate to have a diverse and talented group of Patrons who act as ambassadors for the organisation. Our distinguished patrons give us their endorsement and bring greater authority and a higher profile to the organisation. They introduce us to new supporters and increase awareness of the work we do in Africa. Their personal credibility, network and passion are crucial in ensuring that AU Watch plays a role in shaping a more effective AU and an Africa that is looking forward to 2063.

Our Patrons have a passion for Africa, a better AU and its power to empower lives. They validate and countersign our work in a variety of ways. They attend workshops and performances, meeting and inspiring our participants. Our patrons give their time and energy to help us promote the work of the organisation. From hosting events and taking on personal fundraising challenges to meeting with AU and AUMS officials, writing forwards, their support is greatly appreciated and integral in helping us reach a wider audience.

We are immensely grateful to all of them for their time and commitment.

(We regret that we are unable to provide contact details for or forward correspondence to them.)