Governing Council

AU Watch is a unique organisation in many ways and one of enduring strength. AU Watch is accountable to a seven-person Governing Council. Governance responsibilities for the operation and management of AU Watch reside fully with the Governing Council led by its Chairperson and Vice Chairperson (the Bureau) and further assisted by ten sub-committees. In the day to day management of AU Watch, the Governing Council is assisted by the Strategic Leadership Group (SLG), the Senior Management Team, who are all staff members.

The Governing Council is responsible for exercising independent and objective judgement, agreeing overall strategy, setting policy, scrutinising, oversight of risk and corporate governance, monitoring performance and promoting the interests of AU Watch. Our Governing Council consists of people from all over Africa and around the world with expertise in (African) politics, media, security, human rights, research, policy, finance, fundraising, anti-corruption and international development. It also includes two staff members, with none voting rights, one of which is the Executive Director and AU Watch’s Director of Strategic Operations.

We’re privileged to be playing a leading role in helping millions of Africans all over the world to be more involved with the AU project of a united Africa and getting all of us to the Africa of 2063. We owe this strength partly to the commitment of our Governing Council and our staff. Even more important, our Governors are shaping and defining the type of AU / AUMS we all want. Our activities, research, services, ideas and giving now practically touch the lives of thousands of people every day. We credit our strength and endurance to a consistent approach to managing the organisation, and to the character of our people at the Governing Council and programmes.

Members of AU Watch Governing Council

Staff Members

Dr Feyi Ogunade

Chief Executive of AU Watch