Our Experts & Advisors

Our experts are in the business of informing people first.

Our Experts are Pan-African specialists with in-depth knowledge in a range of social justice issues, including media, anti-corruption, human rights, democracy and governance issues. AU Watch experts, from right across the world, with different experience, skillsets and technical knowledge, bring a diverse range of professional and educational experiences—and cultural backgrounds—to our analysis and research, representing a vast array of disciplines. Some of them are Members of our Governing Council. Others are staff members and many more are independent experts, whom we can call upon for advice, analysis, and commentary. They assist in programme design, delivery and evaluation whilst also developing tools, guides and comparative studies on their topics of expertise. They enable us to produce a wide range of independent, rigorous analysis of critical global, regional and country-specific challenges and opportunities.

So, you really want to know what’s happening in Africa? Turn to trusted expert journalism when you need it most with unlimited access to the news website of the year. Be in the know with our podcasts, videos and articles showcasing experts from across the business discussing the current and emerging regional and global trends, and the implications for Africa. Our researchers and experts are available to speak to the media on topics relevant to the current public policy debate. Call us. If you are a social justice organization, and you want an expert to assist you, whether your organisation is big or small, complex or simple, single or multi-site – we will find a specialist who has the right mix of skills for you.