Campaigns and Advocacy

While we monitor the activities of the AU and work to address human rights violations, good governance, security issues and contribute to the alleviation of the symptoms of poverty, we also campaign to tackle the causes of these ills. We campaign to challenge our states managers to change wrong and unfair policies and practice. The principle that underpins our work is empowering people and communities to change, to speak out and claim their human rights.

Through working with international and regional organisations, we strive to reduce the gap between local ESC supporters and global policymakers, by engaging and facilitating exchanges among relevant actors at all levels. As an advocacy, campaigning media and outreach organisation, we are reaching out to Africa’s policy and state managers to improve the political and legislative terrain in which CSOs and media professionals’ work, as they are a crucial plank in developing people’s capacity to make informed choices and changing minds and attitudes.

Want to improve your neighbourhood? Interested in knowing how to hold your government and local council accountable? Why not contact us and let’s see what we can do together.

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