Citizen Democracy’ Curriculum For Schools And Colleges

In the political tradition stemming from the Greek city states and the Roman republic, citizenship has meant involvement in public affairs by those who had the rights of citizens: to take part in public debate and, directly or indirectly, in shaping the laws and decisions of a state. In modern times, however, democratic ideas led to constant demands to broaden the franchise from a narrow citizen class of the educated and the property owners, to achieve female emancipation, to lower the voting age, to achieve freedom of the press and to open up the processes of government. We now have the opportunity for a highly educated ‘citizen democracy’.

In collaboration with AU and Member States, we work to ensure that, through effective Citizenship Education teaching, every child and young person in Africa can become a confident, active and empowered citizen who can contribute to democratic society and, with others, try to improve Africa and world around them. Our Pan-African Institute designs and writes curriculum and syllabuses on the AU, the African human rights system, Agenda 2063, and democracy issues in Africa.

The AU Watch Pan-African Institute for the Study of the AU is a trans-disciplinary Centre of excellence for regional and international academic research, teaching and critical scholarship on human rights and development. It is a Centre of excellence for international academic research, teaching and critical scholarship on human rights. The Centre is a place that attracts world-class academics and outstanding scholars, and one that has been home to highly-qualified and committed students from across the world and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The Centre is a place for academics, policy-makers and practitioners to engage with robust academic research that strengthens knowledge, analysis and understanding of contemporary human rights issues, including social, economic and political issues related to human rights.

We work with teachers in schools and colleges across Africa to reach children and young people aged 5-19. Our vision is for all young people to be active, informed citizens, equipped through effective Citizenship Education with the knowledge, skills and experience to participate in and shape a strong and vibrant democracy based on equality, fairness and justice.