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“I don’t perform miracles or do the impossible. I make cold calculations about difficult situations, and I do not take on anything I know I won’t win. And I will win this.”
Olivia Pope, Scandal

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Equality is still a dream for millions of African women. Millions more experience violence every day. Women and girls deserve to live in a world that is free from all forms of violence and discrimination and if all African nations fully abide by their obligations under the Maputo Protocol, this will become a reality.

But did you know that thirteen countries in Africa are yet to ratify the Maputo Protocol, including three that have neither signed nor ratified it.

Filming Maputo was founded to confront the sad reality that for nearly 60 years of post-colonial rule in Africa, most of the narrative about women and Africa is still presented to the world through a man’s lens with narratives that have created blurred interpretations and perceptions of the Africa woman. Filming Maputo was founded to challenge and change that narrative.

We challenge not just the complex networks of ignorance, arrogance, prejudices and stereotypes underpinning Africa’s pernicious misrepresentation of women, but also our potential as an economic and social force that is well placed to usher in Agenda 2063.

For African women filmmakers, the key issues of the day are equality, violence and affording African women the same opportunity. Filming Maputo presents Africa women’s through the African women’s lenses!

Our Programmes

(A) Maputo Film Festival (African Women’s Day- 31 July)
Since 31 July 2009,the AU set aside this day for “Celebrating African Women’s Day”! On this day wecelebrate and acknowledge the Foremothers of Africa who gallantly fought for the liberation and development of this continent. We also promote an understanding and appreciation of Africa’s women through moving images. Aptly themed Maputo Film Festival, we celebrate the vast richness, and work of Africa’s women through the lenses of Africa’s women filmmakers.

Normally held on the margins of an African Union event, this business event that offers a wealth of opportunity, advice and information crucial for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs. The intention behind this two-day event is to challenge women to do things differently and position themselves for a changing Africa. The event welcomes businesses from a cross-section of industries, and remains more committed than ever in providing you with everything needed to improve, evolve and expand your business.

Come see what we can offer you.

The 24-hour two-day event includes: a red carpet walk and VIP reception, parade of flags of the countries in the festival, live performances, an African marketplace, fashion show, visual arts exhibition, dialogue with filmmakers in attendance, panel discussions, community forums, food, awards ceremony and more.

In fulfilment of its mission, 2063 Film Festival:
• Curates a world-class festival of films about African women and provides our audience access to the richness, diversity and vitality of Africa’s women creative expressions.
• Promotes cultural literacy through post-screening dialogues, community and school outreach so our audiences can engage and interact with African women filmmakers on issues of personal, local and regional significance.

• Promotes ideas exchange and collaborations between the AU, AU Member States and African film industry practitioners.

(B) Documentaries

We produce documentaries and narratives.

  • Short documentaries
  • Feature documentaries
AYITI: The Awakening

Documentary – short length
26 minutes / 2019
Director: Sage Love
Country: USA / Haiti
A young man is driven to find his Ancestral roots and the trouble history of Ayiti after discovering no real relief efforts was made in the aftermath of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Documentary – short length
20 minutes / 2018
Director: Nyembezi Phiri
Country: South Africa
‘Woman Beings’ is a slice-of-life portrait of different African women trying to live fully amidst pre-defined ways of being. Directed by Nyembezi Phiri, the film features real women and voices that she encounters while traveling in three diverse African cities (Accra, Johannesburg and Lilongwe).


  • Short
  • Feature

Narrative Short
11 minutes / 2019
Director: Natural Langdon
Country: USA
Nikita is a coming of age, ACTION movie about a blind fifteen year old girl who is unsure of her ability to fight crime and has to save her family from the criminal underworld.

Shaka's Mask

Narrative Short
27 minutes / 2019
Director: Maishe Mosala
Country: South Africa
In Johannesburg’s urban reality of seemingly instant success, obsession with status , a privileged Shaka, from an affluent family is forced to run his family’s business after his parents tragically passed away. The business is now facing bankruptcy under his management and Shaka is obsessed with trying to keep up with pretending on social media that all is well.

(c) Uniting Under Maputo
In Africa women are the custodians of seed, food and even traditional knowledge. In many countries in Africa they are the backbone of our economies as farmers, entrepreneurs, traders, scientists and leaders. So, we use the opportunity to dedicate a lot of time to honour and celebrate Africa’s women in farming, traders, politics, music, art, activism, business and leadership through film screenings, exhibitions, performances and panel discussions.

Join us at the next African Commission’ Session for our next event.


By Gayle Trish Were

My short film is a joint collaboration with makeup artist Fatima Yunusa that presents three African goddesses. Its title, “Uungu,” means “god” in Swahili.

We were keen to produce a story that would capture the beauty of the African woman while telling the history of our people.

To challenge the preconceived notion that women on the continent have always been subservient, we decided to focus on female deities that existed in pre-colonial Africa.

We chose deities from three different regions of the continent: Mujaji of the Lovedu tribe from the south, played by Divine Nzosaba; Isis from Egypt, played by Safae Soufaih; and Oshun of the Yoruba tribe from Nigeria, played by Kambura Kinoti. It was filmed at my school, the African Leadership Academy in South Africa.

The film shows the strength and power that women from Africa have always possessed and celebrates blackness. The three African goddesses tell a history of greatness often not told.

(d) Maputo Cinema Café
Maputo Cinema Caféoffers a cross-section of cinema about Africa’s women from around the region, historical and contemporary, films on the periphery and movies that break the canon, intentionally or by circumstance, and which point to a new vision for women in Africa.

It is our year-round community outreach, partnership and audience development program, where we screen a of select number of films at village squares and other more intimate community settings. We use these opportunities as vehicles for dialogue and celebrate its power to inspire and catalyse change.

We focus on cinema from different parts of the region, put them in the context of regional cinema production, and audiences will have the opportunity to experience films from all over Africa.

(e) Maputo in the Classroom

Education transforms lives and is at the heart of AU Watch’s mission to build peace, eradicate poverty, drive sustainable development and achieve 2063.Maputo in the Classroom Film Series is our school engagement initiative that brings the AU’s and UN women’s curriculum related films to local elementary, middle and high schools for use in classrooms.

We believe,strongly, that education is a human right for all throughout life and that access must be matched by quality. AU Watch is the only organization in Africa that has prioritized the study of the AU in the curriculum of schools and colleges.

We send teachers and facilitators to present our films in schools and colleges.

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