Letter From The Chair

Dear Readers,
Welcome to our world-wide media programme.

We are an African think-and-do-tankworking regionally to address many of the annoying issues that keep Africa and Africans hostage to social injustice, human rights violations, bad governance, corruption, and self-inflicted and unnecessary poverty. At AU Watch we use the power of the media to monitor and report on the activities of the AU and AUMS and holding them accountable to the standards of the Constitutive Act, and the high ideals they have set for themselves.We challenge our (sub) regional organizations and our state managers who have long lost the plot of good leadership, to give an account of their stewardship! We ask big questions of our leaders and we need answers. We even need answers before we ask questions.

You will be not be wrong to describe us as a social justice movement working with other like-minded organizations to challenge the way our leaders are running Africa, and that includes powerful but equally corrupt business organizations that have colluded with our leaders to rob us of our dignity and human rights.

Our world-wide media programme provides the tools and services to individuals, communities and local media to make informed judgment about their regional leaders. Why not contact us? We may be able to work together, and together we will advance a wider understanding of what the AU is, what it does and how it does it. Together, we will empower, local communities and the local media in Africa, to decide who and how they are governed in Africa.

The importance and role of the media to correct injustices and advance human rights is well known. For true democracy to work, people need easy access to independent, diverse sources of news and information.Our world-wide media work provides our publics with access to information and perspectives rarely heard in Africa including views from independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around Africa, and the Diaspora who are directly affected by AU / AUMS policies. We host debates between people and the AU / AUMS who substantially disagree with the direction of the continent.

We are also able to provide a range of training for your media team. If you think that your organisation could benefit from bespoke communications training tailored to your needs, get in touchJoin us in saying to our regional organizations and state managers that have failed us miserably –“move aside, we are taking over”.

                                                                           Bahame Tom MurkiyaNyanduga