The 66th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

Panel discussions (Item 4 & 5)
⦁ Discussion on the major human rights issues arising in the context of COVID-19 and measures undertaken by the Commission in response, 14 July, 11.15am to 1 pm.
⦁ Making human rights a priority during and after COVID-19, 15 July, 11.15am to 1pm
⦁ Human Rights and COVID-19: Socio-economic Impact and Silencing the Guns, 16 July, 9am to 11am

State periodic Reports (Item 7)
During this session, pursuant to Article 62 of the African Charter and State Parties obligation to report every two years on the legislative or other measures taken with a view to giving effect to the rights and freedoms recognized and guaranteed by the Charter, four countries will be reviewed:
⦁ Cameroon’s review will be based on its combined ⦁ 4⦁ th⦁  to 6⦁ th⦁  periodic report, covering the period 2015-2019 and submitted to the ACHPR in January 2020. (23 July, 9am to 12pm).

⦁ Niger’s review will be based on the ⦁ 15⦁ th⦁  periodic report, covering the period 2017-2019 submitted in November 2019 (20 July, 9am to 13am).

⦁ Mauritius’ will present its ⦁ 9⦁ th⦁  to 10⦁ th⦁  combined periodic report covering the period 2016-2019 submitted to the Commission in February 2020 (24 July, 9am to 12pm).

Activity reports (Item 8)
During every session, special mechanisms from the African Commission present their activity report. These reports catalogue the activities and initiatives undertaken by each mechanism inter-sessionally:
⦁ Special Rapporteur on Prisons, Conditions of Detention and Policing in Africa   
⦁ Special Rapporteur on Rights of Women
⦁ Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information            
⦁ Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders and Focal Point on Reprisals in Africa
⦁ Special Rapporteur on Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons
⦁ Committee for the Prevention of Torture in Africa          
⦁ Working Group on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights       
⦁ Working Group on Death Penalty, Extra-Judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Killings and Enforced Disappearances in Africa       
⦁ Working Group on Rights of Older Persons and People with Disabilities
⦁ Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities in Africa         
⦁ Working Group on Extractive Industries, Environment and Human Rights Violations
⦁ Committee on the Protection of the Rights of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and Those at Risk, Vulnerable to and Affected by HIV

How can you follow the session?
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⦁ 13 July 2020 – 24 July 2020 – Public Session
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⦁ 07 August 2020 – Closing Ceremony (Public Session)
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