21 October: Africa Human Rights Day

On 21 October 1986, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights came into force, thereby, forming the basis for the commemoration of the Africa Human Rights Day. The African Human Rights Day, which is celebrated annually across the continent on 21October, provides Africa with an opportunity to reflect, take stock and recommit to the solemn declaration undertaken by the African leaders and the African people to promote and safeguard human and peoples’ rights on the continent. The commemoration is also meant to continuously awaken greater awareness of the African peoples and the international community on the value of life and humanity, and to renew our collective commitment to promote, protect and uphold the fundamental human rights.
Come and join us on this memorable Day aswe meet to discuss an Africa without human rights violations – a key plank of Agenda 2063 vision. Hear from invited speakers, meet new faces (and old ones) over a drink, and chat about participation. You never know what connections or ideas might be born from a chance encounter.

Location: Kairaba Avenue, Banjul, The Gambia
When: From 6pm, Wednesday, 21 October
Register: Because of Covid-19, this event has been postponed. But, please check again.