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Welcome to AU Watch ‘Publications and Resource Hub’. The ‘Publications and Resource Hub’ is a unit within the Publishing, IT, Innovation and Communications Program. Here you’ll find the latest publications, blogs, reports, regional instruments, helpful guides, legal information – basically everything about the AU and other rights bodies in Africa.

AU Watch’s Research and Publications Programs focuses on African integration, Agenda 2063, AfCFTA, human rights and justice, sustainable development, health and social issues, African economy, African security & politics and African international law. AU Watch collaborates with several research affiliates and gratefully acknowledges support from a number of funding partners.

AU Watch and  Other CSO’s Publications

Recent Publications

Know the Beginning Well

An Inside Journey Through Five Decades Of African Development

The best way to plan for the future is to know as much as possible about the past. This book offers an inside look at Africa’s development journey across five decades, told through the eyes of someone who made the same trip. More


Experience and lessons from recent cases

The Summaries of Jurisprudence series has been published since 2010. This recent publication is available for download via the following websites (in both Spanish and English): More

If you are interested in specific AU publications and information, we have it covered as well

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