AU Watch At A Glance

“We are here to reiterate our commitment to Africa, an ubuntu Africa at peace with itself. We invite you to help all of us create that ubuntu Africa, so nicely encapsulated by Agenda 2063. Along the way, it might be necessary for us to challenge injustices and human rights violations. Nothing will prevent us from adding our voices to the millions of hard-working Africans who expect us to do exactly that.”

Hon. Bahame Tom Mukirya Nyanduga, Chairperson of AU Watch

We imagine an Africa where everyone understands his or her rights and is able to claim it.

Who We Are

AU Watch, is a non-profit non-governmental organization of African citizens, people of African descent and people of good will towards Africa. We monitor the activities and performances of the AU and AU Member States by the standard of its Constitutive Act, and all the other standards and ideals they have set for themselves. We challenge the AU and States Parties to the Constitutive Act to live up to those standards. When they fail, we step in to demand reform, accountability and justice. Where they succeed, we reinforce such success by taking concrete steps to maintain it. We are also committed to advancing a wider understanding of what the AU is, what it does, and the effects it has on its various constituents. So, through our comprehensive media, outreach and education programs and activities, we seek to raise awareness, expand and disseminate information and understanding of AU affairs.

Currently chaired by Honorable Bahame Tom Murkiya Nyanduga, our unique African strategic community includes serving foreign ministers, former prime ministers, members of national parliaments and, thinkers, journalists and business leaders. AU Watch gathers twice a year as a full body for its Annual Council Meeting, usually at the margins of the AU Summit of Heads of State and Government.

AU Watch is the strongest and most visible expression of Africa’s Pan-African identity. Through their individual networks and collective engagement with AU policy and advocacy initiatives, Governors and staff members help us to Africanize the regional conversations in AU Member States on the AU’s policy priorities and challenges.

Working alongside external partners across Africa, the expertise and outreach of our media, governance, human rights and development programs ensure that AU Watch has a truly pan-African perspective.

Where We Do What We Do

Even though AU Watch is based in The Gambia, with chapters in Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, UK, US and Canada,wecomment and analyze human rights from across the continent.


What We Do At a Glance

  • We carry out state-of-the-art policy research leading to solutions to the challenges facing the AU and Africa. We contribute in building a more secure, peaceful, and prosperous Africa through independent analysis and action addressing critical regional challenges.
  • Strategic Partnerships & Networking. We seek lasting outcomes to advance new ideas and discoveries that address the root causes of challenging problems.
  • Advocacy, campaigns and outreach work.
  • Media & communication. We reveal secrets and expose truths surrounded by silence, and serve the public interest by uncovering human rights violations, injustices and inequality.
  • Education and information dissemination. We disseminate our findings and views through AU Watch TV, U Watch Radio, the press, various social media platforms, and through a regular flow of publications and public events.
  • Critical writing and thinking, including engaging with thought leaders.
  • The special role of AU Watch Chapters. Our chapters work with the local community, including newspapers as well as local radio and TV Stations to air AU Watch matters.
  • M&E. Once an initiative moves into execution, we continue to adapt and pivot to maximize impact. If we find out that our strategies are not achieving the impact we predicted, we recalibrate.
  • Leverage: we use our influence as a thought leader and convener to move the AU and AUMS beyond what we could accomplish on our own.
  • We are engaged in a collegial process of continuous learning, hard work and reassessment. We recognize that these qualities are essential to achievement of our mission.
  • We are innovative and agile organization. We will rely on strategic, collaborative approaches to initiate and support pioneering programs that break new ground and challenge the status quo.
  • Funding practical programs in health, agriculture, education, science and technology.

Our Theory of Change

AU Watch’s overall theory of change states that: If all of us are empowered and became more aware of our rights and responsibilities, we would be civically confident to effectively engage in political and other development process of Africa. As campaigners and advocates we try to influence change and make a difference on the issues, and for the people, that we care about.

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Why We Do What We Do

  • Too many of us have no idea what the AU is and what it is doing. We want to bring the AU to the people and provide a platform for the AU to explain itself to the people it is supposed to be serving. We aim to empower people and communities to have the power to claim their basic human rights, to escape poverty, injustice, and misrule.

  • We want to promote constructive engagement with the leadership of the AU and its Members. We provide an essential forum, through our media and other related activities, for navigating the bewildering world of African politics within the foremost African institution by galvanizing our uniquely influential network of volunteers, students, journalists, regional scholars and leaders to shape the AU we all want – a people-centered

Who Is Who at AU Watch

Hon. Bahame Tom Mukirya Nyanduga, AU Watch Chairperson

Dr Feyi Ogunade, AU Watch CEO

How We Do What We Do

Using a systems approach, AU Watch accomplishes its very wide-ranging objectives and programmes through its media and communication work, research, training, partnerships, critical thinking and writing and through its practical programmes. We also provide advice and consultancy services to companies, governments and international organizations on how their policies and operations can better support the African people.We are proactive and adaptable. Inbuilt in how AU Watch addresses issues is our ability and mind set to adapt and respond to changes. It is a key component of AU Watch’s strategic approach.

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Our Impact

To achieve the greatest possible impact, we are engaged in evidence-based work —   measuring the progress of each initiative against specific goals and outcomes to ensure the strategy is delivering results.

We are a movement of millions of people in Africa, all working towards one goal – an end to social injustices and human rights violations. We can take on the big issues that keep Africans locked in underdevelopment – like poor governance, corruption, poverty and climate change. We call on you to assist all of us, no matter how small it is.

Why We Are a Compelling Investment

• Through our media work, events and other activities we bring the AU to the people.
• We promote constructive engagement with the leadership of the AU.
• We raise awareness, expand and disseminate information and understanding of AU affairs.
• We bolster the capacity of the AU.

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