Investing in People and Ideas

“Democracy, like a little plant, does not grow or develop on its own. If must be nursed and nurtured if it is to grow and flourish. It must be believed in and practiced if it is to be appreciated. And it must be fought for and defended if it is to survive.”

Seretse Khama


How do you empower your people to reach their full potential? You create a diverse, welcoming culture and a safe working environment. We invest in innovative ideas. For us, innovation means turning bold ideas into reality and changing lives for the better. We use our expertise, skills and funding in areas where there are big challenges facing society.

At the core of our employmentis our commitment to enable employees to ‘be the best they can be’. From the moment you become an AU Watcher, either as a fulltime staff or an Expert or even as a volunteer, we want you to feel engaged: passionate about our strategy, connected to our values, and motivated to achieve your potential. We support all our staff and volunteers through clear policies, competitive reward programmes, coaching and development opportunities and health and wellbeing initiatives.

We take the same approach in our dealing with communities we serve. We recognise that creating long-term value for the communities we work with is essential.

In empowering our people, we are taking action in four key areas:

(1) Human rights

Everyone has the right to expect their basic human identity and dignity to be fully respected in the workplace. We have outlined our approach in our policies and guidelines, including our Human Rights Policy and Modern Slavery Statement, and we will continue to demonstrate our commitment through our actions.

(2) Health, safety and wellbeing

Creating the conditions for our people to succeed starts with the right to be respected which includes an expectation of safety in the workplace.

(3) Skills development, training and entrepreneurship

We strongly believe that skills development and training are vital to the growth of any organisation. As well as making AU Watch a great place to work and somewhere our people feel empowered to be their best, we offer a range of learning initiatives designed to ensure our people have the support they need to develop. We have a special emphasis on skills training for women.

(4) Investment in long-term, actively managed programs

One of the key ways in which we invest in people and ideas is through our investment in long-term, actively managed programmes that empower people and increase their access to opportunity. We want to make sure that we are making a contribution in the areas that matter.

A flexible approach
We know that the challenges faced by our communities will vary, given our regional footprint. So, we’ve developed a flexible strategy that allows our organisation to work with their local communities and partners on elements of any or all of the above areas.

It’s Your Organisation
AU Watch welcomes the engagement of a range of stakeholders in our work. We have developed a variety of opportunities and ways for individuals or corporations, foundations, and other organizations to contribute to our research programs, development assistance work, publishing, media and communication projects and much more.

There is a Role For You

AU Watch is a non-profit that relies on philanthropic support to achieve its mission and tackle the big and complex socio-political, economic and human rights issues of the continent. We offer a variety of ways you can get involved and make a difference. We welcome the engagement of a range of stakeholders in our work.

Your donations also help make our work possible, and amplify the influence AU Watch has in the public policy debate. They help fund our people, ideas, development projects and media and outreach programs.

We have, therefore, developed a variety of opportunities and ways for individuals or corporations, foundations, and other organizations to contribute to our research programs, development assistance work, publishing, media and communication projects and much more.

Please explore how you can take part in our events and activities.

AU Watch Development Group

AU Watch Development Group is an essential group of businesses whose donations and assistance to our general operating budget gives us the flexibility to do, for example, research, conduct a fact finding or promotion mission, publish our magazines and books, embark on advocacy work, like our outreach and media work or the possibility to run AU Watch TV and AU Watch Radio. We are deeply grateful for such assistance. Members of AU Watch Development Group enjoy numerous opportunities to be engaged with the work of AU Watch first-hand and have the opportunity to see our research at close quarters. Learn More

Foundations and Other Organizations

Since its founding, AU Watch has received important support from many foundations that has allowed it to do a lot of important work. Private foundations interested in supporting specific projects should contact, Dr Alfred Bio, Director of Programs to learn more about the work that AU Watch is doing. Learn More

Governments, Universities, and NGOs

To achieve its objectives, AU Watch often partner with organizations and groups that share our vision and mission and our high standards for quality, independence and impact. Organizations interested in supporting specific projects or partnering with AU Watch should contact, Timothy Adepoju. All potential partnerships are subject to AU Watch partnership policies. If you want to be a member of this forum please write to us here. 

Other Ways To Have An Impact

Talking Drummers

This is a network of journalists and human rights activists. Members enjoy exclusive opportunities to interact with AU Watch experts and leading journalists and human rights in Africa and around the world through thought-provoking events on a diverse range of topics. If you want to be a member of this forum please write to us here. 

AU Watch Business Angels

This is a network of business leaders and investors interested in the economic and business issues that are shaping Africa and the AU. Members enjoy exclusive opportunities to interact with AU Watch business experts, key regional policy influencers, and like-minded peers through thought-provoking events on a diverse range of topics. If you want to be a member of this forum please write to us here. 

The Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of ‘AU Watch Institute for the Study of the AU’ offers social and intellectual engagement opportunities to all current and former members of the AUW-ISAU Community.
Learn More

Madam Ella Goblo Gulama Fund

Using an evidence-based approach to its work, the fund support initiatives and activities on women and children that create meaningful changes, often on a large scale. The Madam GobloGulama Fund advances regional stewardship that is ecologically based, economically sound, socially just, culturally appropriate, and consistent with intergenerational equity. We strive to help low-income populations overcome barriers to opportunity.
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The Seretse Khama Fund

The program seeks to:
a. Challenge the current concept of the AU and the logic of democracy in Africa.

b. Strengthen regional governance and security in Africa. The program’s core ideas—that for democracy to flourish in the region and deliver on its promises all its citizens, especially women, must be engaged, empowered, and assertive. The program also believes that for a reduction of irredentism and senseless fratricidal conflicts, Africa needs to give its youths hope of a better life and an Africa where they can live out their dreams.

Learn More

Nelson Mandela Fundraising Dinner

This is AU Watch’s Flagship Fundraising Event. Held each December in every country where AU Watch has a Chapter, we hold a national fundraising jamboree. The event is broadcast all over Africa in a coordinated and synchronized manner.
Learn More

AU Watch Agricultural Society

This is an influential force in the direction and development of agriculture in the region through competitions, education and staging of events. AU Watch is committed to supporting agricultural development and rural communities in Africa. In its role as an advocate for excellence in agriculture, AU Watch Agricultural Society organizes events, and competitions, acts as an advocate for the use of technology in agriculture, celebrates Africa’s achievements in agriculture and work to promote the viability of rural communities by ensuring that Africa remains a thriving and innovative agricultural producer.

Learn More

Sports Africa

Are you sports fan? Then join the conversation at AU Watch Sports Africa. Members enjoy exclusive opportunities to interact with sporting personalities in Africa and around the world. You get a chance to influence how sports is run in the continent and get a say what the AU should be doing about it.
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Become a Scholar

Become a Scholar of AU Watch and join thousands of individuals contributing to human dignity all over Africa. AU Watch scholars are a very diverse group and come from right across Africa. What they have in common is a commitment to academic excellence, enthusiasm, and the potential to become future leaders.

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Our Development Ambassador and Patrons programme

Through our Development Ambassadors and Human Rights Envoys Programs, individual donors enjoy a range of opportunities to engage with AU Watch on a personal and corporate level. Our Development Ambassadors and Human Rights Envoys, can support the organization as a whole or by supporting or focusing on particular human rights project or research or development programs that interest them the most. In addition to giving cash or securities, donors can name AU Watch as the beneficiary of life insurance policies and other estate planning vehicles.

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But you can also get involved with AU Watch through our:

Are You Able To Support Us?

Please explore the different ways you can assist us. Gifts may be for current use, multi-year support, or endowment.

General Support
Our General Support Funds is for general operating support. Donations and gifts give us the ability and flexibility to do far more. It enables us to hire and retain the best staffs, gives the organization the resources it needs to be involved in wide variety of programs and projects – whether it’s emergency relief, women’s reproductive health, climate adaption mitigation program, malaria control, HIV prevention advocacy projects, schools and education projects, agriculture / development projects, research projects, advocacy and outreach or other events and activities. General operating support donations and gifts ensures that we maximize our impact on media and communication, human rights, governance, peace and security, programs for women, youths and small businesses. Unrestricted funding from individuals and companies also underwrite the core operations of the organization.

Our General Support Fund also helps us in:

• MatchingFunds: Sometimes we may need to match funds or provide additional support for a project. Our General Support Fund allows us to do that.

• Ideas Lab: Africa needs to improve the quality of its policies and decisions. For example, our NGO Forum on the Summit of Heads of States is a forum for debating, generating and improving the quality of the decisions of the AU and AUMS and understanding the impact of our work. It is a forum were CSOs in Africa share best practice and ideas.

• Innovating and creativity: We are known for supporting creativity and innovation in science and technology, IT and the arts.
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Project Support
Every day, AU Watch staff and volunteers work tirelessly and relentlessly on various projects and activities that have a direct impact on the lives of millions of people. You can support any of our projects by giving a donation, gifts or helping us pay or services that we need.
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How do you want your name and legacy to be remembered? A gift of endowed funds underpins many of the work that is done at AU Watch. It provides vital support for many key projects and activities and ensures an enduring legacy for the donor. Permanent endowments provide income to AU Watch in perpetuity. 


Strategic Partnership 

Do you wish to partner with AU Watch on an event or project? We accept partnership support and provide advisory services for a range of projects. Companies and individuals wishing to form some sort of partnership can call write to [email protected]

We provide companies and organizations the Project Partnership Support Facility and wide-ranging advisory services. From the outset of planning a project, donors will be in constant contact with AU Watch partnership’s experts who can provide guidance throughout the different phases of a project.

The services provided by AU Watch Partnerships are:

• Planning and financial advice
• Mentoring service.
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Multi-lateral Support
Do you want to strengthen the capacities of Womenand Women CSOsin a particular country in Africa, but do not have the manpower or presence to do just that?We welcome donors who may wish to collaborate with us and other donors on a particular project or on-going project. We also receive project monies on behalf of other organizations to reach and empower marginalized groups, for example, to improve their socio-economic conditions. We assist in designing and delivering on your promise. Get in touch with us for an informal discussion as to how we can be assistance. Learn More

Items Bank
In many parts of the world, our Chapters receive items that are of use to many of our communities.
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As a regional NGO with deep human resources service capacity and expertise in recruitment, management consultancy, human resources support services and monitoring and evaluation in insecure and chronic conflict environment in the region, AU Watch also provides services to human rights and humanitarian organizations, government, non-governmental organizations, businesses, security companies and individuals that enables them to focus on their core business and the achievement of their objectives in hostile and threatening environments, as we provide a safe and secure environment for them to do so and alleviate them of their risks, crisis and personnel management problems.

Please get in touch for an informal discussion as to we be of assistance.

For more information on supporting AU Watch, contact our Development Office by filling in the Form below: