Who We Are

“Africa’s biggest disease is corruption and we have absolutely corrupted the minds of tomorrow’s generation, by our terrible examples. We have even gotten to the sad situation, where our children now believe that the only way to succeed in life is to cheat, lie and be dishonest. The vaccine has to be education, education, education! Maybe, they will be able to save themselves from us!”  

Ambrose Adebayo Ogunade, Teacher, Mentor and Motivational Speaker

Established in 2019 and running its operations from AU Watch’s headquarters in Banjul, The Gambia, the Institute was mainly established to develop anti-corruption courses for primary and secondary schools in Africa. It also seeks to empower middle and upper management through a certification process to fight fraud and corruption consciously, proactively, efficiently, and effectively.

We also specialize in effective training and consulting implementation in the areas of Public Private Partnerships, finance, economics, law, governance, regulation, and management. For more information contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at:



  • To advance the rule of law in Africa and make Agenda 2063 a more realizable dream. We aim to: protect fundamental rights and individual liberties; promote transparent, incorruptible, accountable governments; lay the foundation for economic opportunity and growth.
  • To develop and deliver anti-corruption knowledge and skills for schools and those charged with governance in Africa;
  • To promote ethical decision processes within the AU and its Member States;
  • To prevent the use of bribes and other types of corruption as a means for affecting decision processes;


  • Regionalization of a rule of law Africa and corrupt-free Africa.
  • To be the primary source of management anti-corruption knowledge, know-how, and skills. 

The AU Watch Approach

• We develop and write anti-corruption courses for schools, colleges, universities, and organizations. we ensure that students and anyone who goes through our courses possess the cutting-edge anti-corruption knowledge and skills. This is both through the Continuing Professional Educational (CPE) requirements and the sharing of the results of our continuous research on corruption.

• AU Watch is working with the AU, Recs and AU Member States for anti-corruption courses to be taught right from infancy.

• Providing world-class, interactive training and skills development to students and other professionals on anti-corruption;

• Convening professional conferences, exchanges, and retreats on anti-corruption strategies;

• Partnering with other organizations that complement AU Watch mission.

Our adults and summer programs offer practice-oriented training programmes designed by and for people working in local governance. We believe in an innovative, interactive, and inclusive approach to education and training. 

Each training programme includes:

  • Thoroughly-developed, interdisciplinary curriculum focused on the training needs of course participants and their respective local contexts;
  • Multiple visits to project sites and private and public sector organisations relevant to each training topic;
  • Skills development exercises such as role play, game simulations, and interactive theatre;
  • Reflective discussions with academics, field practitioners and citizen experts to better understand the impact of local government policies on communities;
  • Cross-linking lessons learned and best practices to convert theory into practice, especially in the context of the participants’ home countries.

Most importantly, by joining our training programmes, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to act as change agents in your communities. Our training courses will help you contribute to inclusive governance processes focused on stability, better public services, and socio-economic development.