Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change is a reality. At the recently concluded 57th African Commission Session it was revealed that if nothing is done to avert humans’ disastrous onward march to more greenhouse effects, 30 million Africans will die because of climate change. The unfortunate side of the story is that Africa is the least polluter of greenhouses gases, but will suffer most. In 2012, the AU summit decided to launch the African Risk Capacity, drought insurance for African coun­tries that are struggling with the consequences of climate change.

The African Risk Capacity is intended to reduce African countries’ growing dependence on food aid and emergency relief in the face of climate change. The African Risk Capacity works closely with in­ter­national reinsurance companies. But is that how to resolve a problem that will potentially ruin Africa? What about the involvement of the African citizen? How many Africans are aware that the droughts, flashfloods and rise in sea levels that we as Africans are experiencing are as a direct result of man’s deliberate tampering with nature? How many Africans really understand the arguments for and against climate change? How many farmers are aware that cutting down trees hundreds of years old for cooking or for furniture is killing the planet?  We take the debate to the people; were we think it rightfully belongs. In schools, colleges and universities through our extensive media and outreach services we will bring the issues to the fore.

By galvanizing our uniquely knowledgeable and influential network of scholars, analysts and volunteers, the Centre provides an essential forum for navigating this very urgent and global problem.