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Let’s demand a democratic future

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It’s clear the public wants change after the pandemic – but politicians are pushing the same old meek solutions in an unprecedented situation. We can only ensure politics reflects our hunger for change by transforming our politics.

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Our principles for a democratic future
1. We demand the right to an accountable government that we can effectively scrutinise.

The government’s handling of the pandemic has revealed just how little power we have to hold them to account when they get things wrong. This has to change in the future.

2. We demand the right to decide any big reforms to our political system together, no to politicians doing it on our behalf.

In the past major changes to our political system have been decided by politicians, not those of us affected by them. In the future, no major changes should be made on our behalf. Instead we must be active participants in these decisions.

3. We demand the right to exert accountability over those trying to distort our democracy.

From secret lobbying to bankrolling parties, corporate interests have distorted politics by muscling out the public in decision making. We must stop profiteers and corporate interests distorting democracy.

4. We demand the right to define what democracy means to us.

The definition of democracy has been narrowed to simply voting for who rules us every few years. Democracy can and should mean much more than this. We need a national conversation to decide what democracy means to us for the 21st century.

5. We must build a political system resilient for the future.

The pandemic could be just a taster of the shocks coming our way like the climate crisis. We need to decide how we will ensure a just political system manages those challenges, and will survive them intact.