Advocate for Refugees and Forced Migrants

We work with partners, such as other community-based organisations, to expand protection spaces for refugees. Let your friends and family know that you stand in solidarity with those who are forcibly displaced. Sign up to access our ready-to-use resources to raise awareness about the rights of those forced to leave their homes. Together, we will amplify refugee voices, inspire others, and contribute to creating positive change.

Developing countries host over 86 percent of the world’s refugees, and half of the world’s top 10 refugee-hosting countries are now located in sub-Saharan Africa.

Advocacy helps to transform policies and services that affect displaced and stateless people on a national, regional, and global level. It is a vital part of our work at AU Watch. In both countries of asylum and countries of origin, we work within national political, economic, and social structures to bring policies, practices, and laws into compliance with international standards. In times of forced displacement, we use advocacy to influence the AU and AU governments, non-governmental partners, and the public at large to adopt practices that ensure the protection of those in need.

Research, policy and advocacy

Our research explores emerging issues for refugees and provide evidence for change. Using insight from those who access our services, it reveals where support and policy can be strengthened.
We work with decision-makers to create and influence policy. We share the insights from our research which is based on the work of our services with government departments. The aim is to shape policies that make refugees’ lives more bearable and help them to integrate and contribute to society where they find themselves. Working with other like-minded organisations and groups, politicians, the media and of course, refugees themselves is central to this process. Our Advocacy Network links organisations working with refugees and people seeking asylum to achieve positive policy change for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Campaigning and awareness

To create large-scale change, we galvanise public support for refugees through timely and effective campaigns. As well as campaigning on specific issues – such as making it easier for refugee families to be united – we help to increase knowledge and understanding and reduce confusion about refugees and people seeking asylum. Working closely with the media, we set the record straight, offering insight, facts and analysis at key moments.

Join a network of committed individuals and make refugee voices heard.