Asian Framework for Refugee Protection

1. Protection challenges in Asia

Main Debates

  • Why are most Asian states not parties to the 1951 Convention?
  • Does the Comprehensive Plan of Action (CPA) offer a model for dealing with mass influx of refugees in Asia?

Main Points

  • Asian exceptionalism
  • Concerns of post-colonial states
  • UNHCR refugee status determination (RSD)
  • Mass influx of refugees
  • International burden sharing
  • Illegal migration

2. States Party to the 1951 Refugee Convention

Main Debate

  • Has the ratification of 1951 Convention made a difference?

Main Points

  • National legislation or its absence
  • Urban refugees
  • Rights of refugees
  • Human rights

3. States not party to the 1951 Refugee Convention

Main Debate

  • Is there a need for a national law on refugees?

Main Points

  • Status of aliens and refugees
  • Stateless refugees
  • Role of judiciary
  • Burden sharing