Attend our Events

Our Chapters organize or hosts lots events every week. There is always something going on. Why not check in with the Chapter where you are and see what’s going on and how you can participate?

You may be interested in our

  • Schools Building Projects
  • Health Centres Building Projects
  • Project Equip our Schools and Hospitals
  • Project a Computer for Every Child
  • Project Ride a bike for Human Rights
  • AU Watch Small Business Forum
  • Radio and TV Projects and Programmes
  • Agenda 2063 Projects
  • Letter Writing Campaigns
  • Various Youths Projects
  • Museums Projects
  • Mansa Musa and Julius Nyerere Galleries Project
  • Library Projects
  • Various Human Rights Campaigns, like our Anti-Death Penalty Campaigns or Anti-torture Campaigns
  • Various Development Projects, like our Project No Child Left behind