Finance, Human Resource and Audit Program

“Everything is possible. Impossible just takes a little longer.”

Wendy Ackerman, Co-founder and Executive Director of Pick ‘n’ Pay Stores



The Finance, Human Resources and Audit Directorate prepares the budget annually for financial years starting 1 January and ending 31 December. The Executive Director acts as Chief Accounting Officer to the organization. The budget is considered by the Board of Directors, which takes decisions relating to programs and human resource matters.

Mandate of the FHRAC

  1. The Committee is charged with supervising the organization’s human resources and finance strategies and overseeing and approving the annual budget, the financial policy and performance of AU Watch, including the financial out-turn and statutory accounts, audit matters, and strategic human resources matters.


  1. It has responsibility through its audit machinery to ensure that funds received are properly spent.

Mission Statement:

To empower its staff and operate a transparent and accountable organization which is able to deliver goods and services to its various publics. With our resources, we strengthen relationships between citizens and the state, so they can work towards better public security, jobs and access to justice. We promote positive change and strengthening social cohesion across vulnerable communities.

Vision Statement:

To empower our staff, local people, including women, young people and businesses, to help shape the decisions that affect their lives.


Efficiency and Effectiveness: Resources available to us are used optimally to ensure that programs are well delivered. We take a networking approach that takes advantage of available resources through other players.

Transparency and Accountability: We believe in transparency and accountability with regards to all matters pertaining to the organization. As such, our interactions will be transparent and open to scrutiny.

Equal Opportunities: We strive to be an equal opportunities team and welcome everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

The FHRAC is a subcommittee of the SLG and the Board of Directors.