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“The evolution of humanity says that Africa reaffirms that she is continuing her rise from the ashes. Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us now! Whatever the difficulties, Africa shall be at peace!”  

Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa

Note From The Editor

AU Watch News is here to report all that is going on in Africa as far as the AU and its Members are concerned. Together we will show case what is best about us. We are investing in creativity and that entrepreneurial spirit and ambition, which is so abundant in the African communities. We are resourceful. We also bring journalistic rigor and credible, peer-reviewed science to bear. Resourcefulness is the fuel that keeps our feet close to the fire. Thinkers and writers who see possibilities, not problems; entrepreneurs who see challenges, not limitations.

We are research minded. We provide a toolbox of research- and expert-backed strategies to be more productive, inspired, and whole. We also know that grand accomplishments are never achieved alone. We, therefore, structure everything we do in such a way that, because we are constantly cooperating with others, they are continually open to helping to achieve the organisation’s goals.

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What is AU Watch News?

We want to see anAfrica that can take all of us to 2963. We report the news on the AU. Another key objective of AU Watch News is to inspire action and change to make Africa the democratic and human rights compliant continent in the world. We intend to do attain that objective by challenging dominant narratives and exposing inconsistencies, corruption and system failures within the AU and its Members. Together with you, we want to define, analyse and showcase Africans are creating an enormous shift in the way business, politics, development and social justice are being conducted. We provide the information, tools and expertise needed for people to understand Africa.

On 8 August 2018, the African Commission stripped the Coalition of African Lesbians of its Observer Status. The main human rights organ of Africa lost its independence. It was an unprecedented interference in the day-to-day operations of the key human rights organ of the AU that is supposed to be promoting and protecting human rights in Africa. Millions of Africans had no idea of the events. AU Watch News was born to help mitigate or even prevent future disasters of that magnitude by informing and giving hourly reports of what is going on in the AU.

Almost two years later, we became an independent non-profit news organisation for AU Watch, allowing us to cast a more critical eye over what the AU and its Members are doing drawing attention to its successes and its failures. As digital disinformation went global, and mainstream media retreated from holding the AU and its Members accountable our field-based, high-quality journalism filled even more of a gap. Today, we are one of only a handful of newsrooms world-wide specialised in covering the AU and its Members – and in holding them accountable to the standards they have set for themselves.

Defining Ourselves

AU Watch News is the leading African based digital media source of news and content, an online magazine and website, daily news updates and weekly e-newsletter.We provide the most comprehensive reporting on the AU and its Members. This is our daily news magazine providing news, articles, op-eds, authoritative analysis and up-to-date commentary on current AU topics and matters.
Presenting our information through analysis, reviews, photos, features, interviews, case studies, critiques, surveys and research, AU Watch News is a daily exploration of the intersection of AU business, finance and politics. We report on a broad range of AU issues from across strategic areas such as development, human rights, social justice, trade, anti-corruption, financial information, business leadership, IT, science and technology, energy, banking, marketing and finance, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), shipping, aviation, executive education, life style, business travel and many more.

Aiming to be the official one-stop directory for news on the AU and its Members a major strategic objective of AU Watch News, is to inspire and empower all Africans to be knowledgeable enough as to be able to hold their states managers to account. them.

Connecting and Informing

AU Watch News should be seen as platform that aims to educate, connect, inform, and tell the stories of citizens of Africa. AU Watch News is also a start-up incubator where we give advice to people who may want to be involved in a range of AU projects. Participants are given one-to-one attention, training and coaching in entrepreneurship, access to networks of support, investors, and most importantly connections with mentors.

At AU Watch, we understand that these types of support are necessary for all start-ups. However, we also know that they are more difficult to access, so we provide comprehensive business solutions – like business management advice, corporate / business coaching & training, marketing solutions, human resources, consultancy / administrative solutions and e-commerce services under one roof. AU Watch incentivise and prepare young people to take up studies in start-ups via financial support, bolstered after-school programmes and opportunities for internships.

We also, harness the power of technology to deliver innovative, convenient and affordable online goods and services to consumers.AU Watch e-commerce site specializes in African products and facilitating consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website.

So, who is it for?

AU Watch News was established as a ‘tool’ to report everything happening at the AU. It is, however, a ‘Must-Read’ for the AU and AU MS hierarchy, business leaders, policymakers, institutions, academics, and for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Africa and the AU. It is also useful to anyone seeking the latest information on how well Africa is doing toward achieving 2063. Students, researchers, and interested observers will find the contributions of recognized experts especially valuable. AU Watch News is also highly recommended for Africans living in the Diaspora – keeping them informed about what is happening in the continent.

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