“Radio affects most intimately, person-to-person, offering a world of unspoken communication between writer-speaker and the listener.”

Marshall McLuhan, Media Theorist


Our Radio Department works to support the whole organisation in delivering high-quality, independent programming to reach the widest possible audience. We do this by undertaking advocacy, providing expertise, offering opportunities for sharing, learning and networking, and providing access to world-class information and events about the AU and its Members.

Focus Areas Of Broadcast

We are strengthening civic voice so that it:

  • Is more effective in holding governance institutions to account
  • Enhances involvement in policy processes
  • Shapes public discourse
  1. Stronger civic voices engaging in policy processes to hold both the AU and its Members to account:

AU Watch TV will strengthen the capacity of civic voices in contributing to:

  • Monitoring the AU and its Members commitments and action
  • Promoting and protecting human rights and governance in Africa
  • Supporting the implementation of the sustainable development goals or other international agreements, and related local and national policy agendas
  • Advocating policy priorities to government that address gender and other power imbalances, disparities and discrimination
  • Strengthening participatory methods of engaging in regional national and local governance processes
  • Raising awareness and advocating for specific policy issues
  1. Public discourse more reflective of less-heard voices
  • Support less heard voices to contribute to public discourse on governance and development issues
  • Support less heard voices to access policy spaces and/or platforms with the potential to amplify voices and influence public discourse

We cover face to face & online Radio Presenter & Production Training. Check out our successes and then book a course. We cover all forms of music and talk radio. Learn how to get into radio of all kinds, learn how to bring your personality to the fore and create great content for a successful career. Email us and let’s get you trained Radio is bigger than ever before with more opportunities to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

AU Watch Radio is not just a radio station. It is a voice for the voiceless. The project aims to enable community members, through the use of radio as a grassroot peer production platform, to have a voice on regional and local issues, topics, and concerns of value to them.

We will also be piloting solutions to support community information and deliberation to address:
• Lowering the barriers to start and sustain a community radio station;
• Increase the permeability of community radio stations by leveraging existing digital and non-digital infrastructure;
• Create regional and national-wide networks of stations that can pool community-level resources; and
• Co-innovate collaborative media services and business models that are bottom-up and can sustain media and peer-production services in the long-run in line with social innovation principles.

Our Broadcast

Human Rights Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day on terrestrial radio and television with livestreams on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Periscope.
Even though many of the broadcast concentrate on the AU, its Members and Pan-Africanism, some of the programmes aired help provide legal assistance via a network of pro bono lawyers, others focus on human rights education, inequalities and health rights. The network also addresses rights violations faced by people with disabilities, administrative injustices, discrimination, pension matters, sexual violence and unlawful dismissal.

Not all shows will have a live audience, but phone-in programmes will be rolled out for people eager to be heard in a continent where they feel the instruments designed to represent justice are broken.

Training at our Studios

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AU Watch Radio Courses and Training

  • Introduction to Radio– Weekend radio courses held in Banjul, The Gambia.
  • We also run three radio courses. Radio for Beginners (10-week evening class starting in September, January and April each year) provides an introduction to the radio industry and to producing a short programme.
  • A one year, part-time provides more in-depth knowledge and practical skills in radio production.

The course features practical training in production, presentation and digital editing plus expert advice on how to find work in the industry. Guest lectures are delivered by presenters from The Gambia Radio Trainees have the opportunity to broadcast live via our Internet radio station.

  • Radio Surgery– Presenter training in Banjul, including one-to-one sessions and demo tape production.