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We want to make Africa a better, fairer place. We want to hold our leaders accountable, keep their feet close to the fire, so to speak. We want to keep the powerful honest. We want all of us to be involved in ‘Project Africa’. You will agree with us that we can no longer leave the development of Africa up to them again. For fifty-six years we have entrusted our future to ‘them’. The results? You know them. This time it’s different. But we cannot do it alone. We need you. We need all of us, including ‘them’.

All of us need to be involved in ‘Project Africa’. It’s essential for the functioning of democracy.

No one is going to do it for us. Help is not coming. It is not cheap. But, if you like us, if you value the work we do on Africa – then become a Supporter and help make our future more secure.

Supporters get closer to AU Watch

As anAU Watch Supporter, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  •  Exclusive emails from AU Watch Chairperson
  •  An ad-free experience on our mobile app
  •  A weekly look “Inside AU Watch” for our Members
  •  Joining the global AU Watch Members community
  •  A welcome gift

Most importantly of all, you’ll appreciate everything that is done by us, knowing that you’ve helped to bring about that change.

Why do we need our Supporters?
• Like many African CSOs, AU Watch is operating in an incredibly challenging financial climate. Foundations are giving less to community organisations. Well, you know the issues we are covering. They are huge,and we are increasingly reliant upon the financial support of people like you.

• By becoming a Supporter, you will be helping us to continue our vital work. Demand for our service has never been higher but the challenges of funding mean that we have long waiting lists of people who need our help.

• Your support means that we can help more children go to school and eat in school, more women attain real equality, run our radio and TV programmes about our leaders. We are able to produce more anti-corruption reports, more human rights reports and even get more of us into the heart of the AU. Ours is a person-centred approach, participants benefit artistically, socially and emotionally from accessing a high-quality programme of creative activity where they learn, progress and celebrate their achievements.

To achieve its objectives, AU Watch often partner with organizations and groups that share our vision and mission and our high standards for quality, independence and impact. If you think we deserve your support, please click here.

We know that not everyone is in a position to become a Supporter. But if you can, you’ll be an integral part of our mission to make Africa a better, fairer place, for everyone.

How do I become a supporter?
You can donate $5 each month (or more) by setting up a direct debit through our Local Giving page. It’s easy, secure and they sort out Gift Aid too. Your $5 donation with Gift Aid becomes £6.25. Alternatively, you can set up a standing order by downloading a form here.

There are many ways that you can get involved to ensure that it continues to the good work that it does. Without the support of our supporters, donors – governments, foundations, corporations and individuals like you, the crucial work of transforming lives in some of the poorest, hardest-to-reach parts of Africa will not be possible. We especially rely on individual supporters, like you, to support us in a variety of ways and in a range of projects and programmes.

We are suggesting $5 per month as an introductory level, however, there is no limit to what you can donate.

What we give you in return
In addition to the satisfaction of helping many people through your monthly donation, you will also receive:
• Invitations to many of our events, and there are many of them
• An invite to be a Guest Speaker to an event
• A regular newsletter
• An invitation to our annual Supporters evening
• A personal invite to join us in Addis or Banjul or Arusha to attend one of the AU’s flagship meetings and meet with the Board of AU Watch
We look forward to welcoming you to Project Africa Team of Supporters. Together, we can get Africa, even if dragging and kicking, to Agenda 2063.
If you have any questions about the Project Africa Team of Supporters Scheme, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or call us on +220 721 7689.