Citizen Participation

Many young Africans want to be involved in the work program of the AU and in their communities. As a result, the relationship between government and society is changing. As local residents become more involved in public life, the role of government needs to adapt and take greater account of initiatives in the community. This is called ‘government participation’.

A core reason for AU Watch’s founding was to improve the democratic and governance landscape in Africa. To make democracy and governance better, AU Watch serves as a thought leader and provides analytical services, including specialized research and analysis, media and advocacy assessments, and evaluations.

What We Do

• AU Watch supports political systems around Africa to be responsive, inclusive, and competitive. We support:
• Election administration and reform
• Domestic and regional election observation
• Political party, and legislative strengthening
• Civic and voter education
• Political empowerment of marginalized groups
• Civil society advocacy and strengthening
• Media strengthening and freedom related to political processes; and protection of fundamental political rights, especially in societies with closing political space.

AU Watch also supports citizen participation in governance through a variety of forums and events, like assisting:
• Citizens and communities articulate their interests
• Parties and candidates represent citizen interests and compete for support
• Institutions ensure fair, legitimate, and resilient political competition
• Marginalized citizens and minority groups participate equitably in political processes

We are focusing on new research in the area of innovative citizen participation practices to analyse new forms of deliberative, collaborative, and participatory decision making that are evolving across Africa.

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Do-ocracy: new ways for citizens and government to work together
Many of us don’t want the government to provide standard solutions for everything. Since independence they have done a bad job at it. We prefer a tailor-made approach and authorities that think along with us. So, citizens and government are devising new ways of relating to each other and working together – in what is often called a ‘do-ocracy’. Government support for citizen participation, which in truth, is not happening much in Africa.

So, what can we do together? Write to us. Call us, and let’s see what we can do together. Join us at our:

(a) Citizen Lab: An e-democracy platform for stronger communities
Are you interested in knowing what the AU and its Members are doing? CitizenLab is a citizen engagement platform, used by AU Watch to reconnect with their community, engage them in the decision-making process and regain trust.

Why not join us at our e-democracy platform, where together, we are able to hold our state mangers accountable?

(b) Africans Citizens Consultation Network

AU Watch is working with some CSOs to build a network of civil society organizations working on or interested in the work on the AU, especially its governance and democracy programs.

This is a new experiment in improving the quality of democracy at the AU and its Member States by giving all of us the possibility to express and exchange opinions about the Union and its future.

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