“It should now be our intention to try to retrieve what we can of our past. We should write our own history books to prove that we did have a past, and that it was a past that was just as worth writing and learning about as any other. We must do this for the simple reason that a nation without a past is a lost nation, and a people without a past are a people without a soul”.

Seretse Khama

Contact an AUMS Politician

Sometimes we just want to contact the people or ‘the’ particular Department that can fix an issue or resolve a query. AU Watch is compiling anonline directory of all the key institutions and individuals that have the power to make our lives a little bit easier. That includes addresses of ministries of information, foreign affairs and justice in Member States of the African Union.

We are also compiling a directory of places of incarceration, including police stations, prisons and even secret detention centres. Some of the information received will make its way into our State of the Union Yearbook: Human Rights, which will include country entries and statistics about every human rights issue in that country .


We are looking for volunteers to run the ‘Directory’. We also welcome updates or new entries if you have any. Interested? Click here.


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