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The world has more billionaires than ever before. As an ageing generation prepares to transfer around $2.1 trillion to family or to causes over the next 20 years according to a UBS estimate, charities like AU Watch are looking for new ways to attract their support.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment — a type of donation where the principal amount is invested so that a non-profit organization can benefit from the income on a long-term basis — is an excellent but underutilized vehicle through which to channel some of this wealth. Endowment funds often come with caveats stating how much of each year’s income can be spent by the charity

“These moments of mass wealth transfer are also moments of deeper reflection by many about their personal legacy and their long-term impact on the world,” he said. “If some of this wealth is to be given away, then where better than into endowments?”

‘AU Watch Endowment Fund’ ensures that we have enough funding to continue to impact the lives of people across Africa. The fund provides unrestricted income to support the needs of our various projects on the ground as they emerge. With a strong foundation for the organization, we are better able to meet challenges head on and to sustain the work we have been achieving on the continent.

These funds are often established as a legacy when someone dies, but this is not always the case — endowment funds can be started at any time, and multiple donors can provide gifts to the fund.

AU Watch has started an Endowment Fund and we are asking donors to contribute to it.

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