The Covid-19 pandemic has put spanner into our works. Please check us again in a few months to see where we are with this program. And if you have ideas how we can take it forward, please contact us.

Block I
⦁ History of the O/AU
⦁ Conceptualizing the AU’s Shared Values
⦁ Toward an Understanding of Agenda 2063 and the UN SDG’s
⦁ Understanding the African Human Rights System
⦁ Understanding the AGA
⦁ What should we do about corruption in Africa?
⦁ Education
⦁ The AU, media, human rights and governance
⦁ The AU – Digital Economy and Society
⦁ Understanding the African Continental Free Trade Area
⦁ Understanding Africa’s priorities within Agenda 2063
⦁ Understanding Africa’s Recs
⦁ Civic leadership
⦁ Good governance and election
⦁ Freedom and social media technologies in the 21st Century

Block II
⦁ Entrepreneurship, including Agri-preneurship
⦁ Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship
⦁ Africa and Globalization Debate
⦁ Structure of the African Union
⦁ Business & Entrepreneurship
⦁ Climate Change
⦁ Renewable Energy / the Future of Energy
⦁ Job Creation
⦁ Fourth Industrial Revolution
⦁ Media for Development
⦁ Democratic Decay and the Crisis of Tribalism
⦁ Shaping the Future of Mobility
⦁ Shaping the Future of Long-term Infrastructure and Development
⦁ Shaping the future of Regional Trade and Investment
⦁ Shaping the Future of Information
⦁ Shaping the Future of Health and Health Care
⦁ Shaping the Future of Education, Gender and Work
⦁ Shaping the Future Environment and Natural Resource Scarcity
⦁ Shaping the Future of Financial and Monetary System

Block III
Personal Growth and Development
⦁ Community Organizing for Action
⦁ Fundraising
⦁ Humanitarian Issues,
⦁ Civil Society Participation,
⦁ Gender and Culture
⦁ Africa Needs the Voices of Women, Minorities and The Poor At Every Leadership Table
⦁ Harnessing Green Technologies for Growth
⦁ Dynamic Cities

Through our APAS program, we:
⦁ Recognise the importance and role Africa’s youth can play in the Africa of 2063

⦁ Affirm the importance of strengthening governance and democratic values right from infancy.

⦁ Create environments in which young minds can see the value of collaboration and co-operation, two qualities that are needed for peaceful co-existence. We are of the view that by assembling individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities, who can engage openly and respectfully with contentious and challenging ideas and each other, is one of the most practical ways of silencing the guns.

⦁ We support a vision of pluralistic societies that embrace differences and negotiate their boundaries through constructive political, social and personal dialogue and relationships.
⦁ We build a multinational, intergenerational community of emerging and established leaders who share the Humanity in Action values.

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