Dialogue on Democracy

AU Watch provides citizens of Africa with a forum in which to work together to learn from each other and identify regional priorities for action by the AU and its Member to advance and defend democracy, including through collective action at the AU itself and other multilateral foras.

In addition to facilitating joint such actions, we provide a regional forum that facilitates mutual dialogue, learning, and exchange of experiences among Members.

Areas of focus include:
• Utilizing AU Watch’s NGO Forum on the African Summit of Heads of State and Government as a platform to discuss specific challenges to broadening political participation.

• Expanding AU Watch What’s Going On? Democracy Forum . It is a platform for dialogue and innovation in democratic governance, which promotes the African Union’s principles and values of free societies and democracy as envisioned by the Charter of Democracy, Elections and Governance. A unique event of its kind, it addresses key challenges facing democracy in Africa, taking as a starting point what the AU is doing to promote and protect democracy, and fostering debate between different actors over Africa in order to find concrete solutions to the democratic deficit in the continent. Our core message is simple: a peaceful and democratic Africa through dialogue. Check us out.

• Inviting the UN, international and regional organizations, civil society and human rights defenders with expertise in the particular challenge to provide briefings to AU Watch’s Governing Council on the specific issues under discussion and potential solutions.

• Inviting human rights, governance and development leaders to participate in AU Watch meetings and activities to ensure inclusivity.

• Interested in knowing how to add your voice to the governance and democracy debates? We have numerous foras and platforms for you to add your voice. Come along and take a look.