Detection, Investigation and Prosecution of Traffickers

Human traffickers and slavers deserve to be in no other place but jail. AU Watch is committed to combating and disrupting criminal organizations and others involved in the trafficking of people anywhere in Africa. AU Watch is working with partners to investigate and prosecute slavery and human trafficking cases, nationally and regionally. We are developing our investigative techniques such as undercover operations and drawing on the skills and knowledge of our anti-corruption Centre to provide financial intelligence regarding possible money laundering by suspected human traffickers

Slavery is Real

Slavery and trafficking are terrible crimes. Thousands of women and children face, every year, in Africa are victims. Help us put these criminals where they belong – in jail.

We Can End Slavery In our Time

Slavery is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It exists because weak nation states in Africa have little leverage over these criminals who think they can get away, literally with murder. We use the law to get justice for our fellow Africans. Help us stop it.

We All Have a Right to be Free

Human beings are inviolable. Article 5 of the Africa Charter says that all forms of exploitation and degradation of man, particularly slavery, slave trade, torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and treatment shall be prohibited. Help us to get an Africa that respect such a vision.

We are a regional organization partnering with local justice and regional systems to put an end to slavery and human trafficking. We need you with us.

  We bring criminals to justice. 

We use national and regional courts to litigate and bring criminals to justice.

  We help to strengthen the criminal justice system

We provide all types of mentoring and training for investigators, law enforcement officers and national justice system.

  Rescue and assist victims of slavery and trafficking.