Stopping Violence Against Women


Gender violence, including physical and sexual abuse, is widely used to intimidate, oppress, silence and subjugate girls, women, disabled and LGBTIQ people across the globe. It devastates those who are targeted and destroys the social fabric of families and communities  

Together with our partners, we help people to heal from gender violence and become powerful advocates to end it. Our counselling centres help women overcome the scourge of violence. We equip them with tools to prevent abuse in war and conflict situation. Every day through our work, advocacy and campaigns, we affirm that gender violence doesn’t have to be a fact of life.

How We Work

Legal Advocacy

We facilitate our partners’ efforts to document gender violence, and we enable them to present their demands before relevant decision-makers at the African Union and other sun-regional bodies and change laws and policies.

Organizational Strengthening

We provide our staff, partners and allies with training, tools and infrastructure to mobilize at the local and regional levels and to take concrete steps to end gender violence. We also work with the African Commission’s Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Women in Africa to strengthen her work.

Grant Making

We invest in the experience and leadership of women and girls. We fund work that provides immediate protection and care and that shifts mindsets around gender violence.

Working With The African Commission

Prevention and Eradication of Violence against Women and Children (Addendum to the SADC Declaration on Gender and Development)

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Quick Facts About Violence Against Women

African women have experienced inequality in many aspects of life throughout history. Today, some of the largest risks African women face are human trafficking and gender-based violence.

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How do we know when we’ve succeeded?

• That the African Union and its Member States are able to secure the rights of women in Africa
• Our partners’ work has transformed harmful social norms, attitudes and cultural practices.
• Our partners have access to policy spaces from the local to global levels and leverage with decision-makers to change policies.
• There is increased recognition of women’s solutions to end gender violence and understanding that gender violence can be prevented.
• Violence, stigma and discrimination are reduced.

How You Can Help