Events are the lifeblood of AU Watch – and we are on a mission to address Africa’s toughest challenges through media, communication, advocacy, collaboration, research and market-based solutions. As you may have noticed, the development and human rights landscape in Africa are changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on new developments and directions.Our events are a great opportunity to meet people who share a passion for Africa, the work of the African Union and Agenda 2063. From film screenings and panel discussions, to glamorous galas, to author talks, to fabulous, and lots of fun, fundraising events and good old-fashioned get-togethers, there’s something to inspire everyone.

Our events convene researchers, volunteers, investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders to create an intersection at development, money and meaning. They are your chance to interrogate the latest trends in the sector and get new ideas to drive positive change. We bring together influential thinkers, NGOs, donors and policy-makers for lively debates and networking. Our thought-provoking events helps you tackle the most pressing challenges facing your organisation and civil society.