From joining a sporting event to attending a fundraiser organised by our local groups, there’s always something you can do to support people on the move. We hope to see you soon!

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Take Action

We Are The Change They Need

We campaign for protection of the rights of refugees. And we use our expertise to raise awareness of what it means to leave your home unwillingly and to hold both the AU and its Members accountable to the standards of the Constitutive Act and the African Refugee Convention. Our incredibly passionate supporters also form a network of local groups across Africa, raising vital funds and awareness to support survivors of torture to rebuild their lives.

We are running a provocative international advertising campaign that employs shock tactics to raise awareness about its work and drum up public support for refugees. We aim to show the plight of refugees in a context that people could relate to.

Join us! More information coming soon.

Fundraise and Give

Our vital work to help people overcome the trauma of leaving home is only possible thanks to people like you who join a local group, set up a regular gift, hold a bake sale or attend one of our special events.
There are many ways to get involved and we’re here to support you every step of the way! You can check out the different events we’re involved in here, or get in touch for help if you’d like to hold one of your own. You can also give in many ways, from making the biggest gift anyone can make as a legacy to donating a small amount today.

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Would you like to play a role in helping refugees suffering due to war, conflict, political persecution and natural disasters? There are rewarding volunteer jobs available with AU Watch. In an ever-changing world, AU Watch’s work as a humanitarian and development organization is more important than ever. The fragile settings, like the Sahel, CAR, the DRC, where we operate are marked by recurrent man-made or natural crises that impede human development. There is one constant in these fragile settings: they don’t follow a pattern.
You will provide vital volunteer support to refugees who are seeking refuge from adverse living conditions in their home countries. The fear of political violence, or a lack of economic opportunities is a real concern, forcing them to flee and seek assistance in neighbouring countries.
As a volunteer working with refugees abroad, you can:
• Help refugees apply for asylum and other identification documents
• Serve meals and hand-out essentials like clothing and toiletries
• Assist with basic medical work like the cleaning and bandaging of cuts and scrapes
• Teach language lessons in refugee shelters
By working with the refugees, it’ll give you a deeper understanding of the challenges they face, and hopefully, continue the fight for an Africa free of refugees.

Contact our team today.

Join AU Watch Group

Join a network of incredibly passionate people across Africa raising vital funds and awareness to support refugees to rebuild their lives. We currently have over 12 active groups across Africa. They’re a talented and dedicated bunch who together raise money for us! Want to get involved?

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