Get Involved

“Our leaders have no conscience. I get angry when I see what we Africans are doing to ourselves. How can we accept a situation where our people are running away, to live in squalid conditions in other countries? You don’t need permission to make a difference. We can stop all the nonsense now! Whether you can fundraise, donate funds, protest or volunteer, we need you! AU Watch is a movement of everyday people just like you, so take action today and get involved”! 

Adama Tunkara, AU Watch Volunteer

Would you like to do something for refugees or find out about volunteer projects in the field of asylum and integration? Are you interested in attending an event during the Refugee Days? Or would you like to support our work with a donation? You can find more information here.
Remember solidarity is not just an ideal but is expressed in concrete actions and steps that draw us closer to our neighbours, in whatever situation they find themselves.
We can all #Do1Thing to welcome, protect, integrate, and promote refugees around Africa. Especially in this challenging moment, we are called to act in solidarity, taking concrete steps to bring us closer to our neighbours and stand united as a global community.
Here are some things that you can do to support refugees and forcibly displaced people, so they can heal, learn, and hope for a better future.