Host a Movie Night With Us

We all love a good film. Movies nights with friends are a great way to spend time together and raise money for us. The basics of getting together to watch a movie may seem simple, but to make it a great experience for everyone, you can put in a little more work. Put time and effort into carefully picking a great movie, inviting everyone, planning for extra seating, providing a wide range of snacks, and keeping phones put away while you watch.

The screening can be private or public, at your home, church, community center, or local movie theater. The screening can be a way to increase awareness of What AU Watch is doing and to fundraise and generate support for many of our causes.

Charge for the screening!

1. Choose the movie ahead of time. The last thing you want is to invite people over and then spend all the time arguing about what to watch. Before people arrive, plan what to watch, or at least have it narrowed down to a few options. This will save time and make the night more enjoyable.

If you have a specific movie that you want to show, it’s good to tell people when you invite them what movie you’ll be watching. This way they already know what to expect when they show up.

2. Showcase your favourite underrated movie.
If you love movies, you most likely have a few that you know other people have missed out on. Take this chance to show your friends how great it is. You may have to check ahead of time and ask if they have seen it, so have a few in mind in case your first choice doesn’t work out.
• You still want to make sure the movie is something that people will enjoy. If your favourite film is a silent German art piece, maybe your friends are not into that. Find the balance between something that’s underrated and something none of your friends want to see.
• With this option, you’ll probably have to tell them ahead of time what movie you’re picking, or you might end up with something they’ve all seen.