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AU Watch uses mass media and outreach services to achieve impact at scale. Many of our events are streamlined live through Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The goal is also to have all our events and activities covered in the local newspapers in every country where we operate. 


Talk Africa Forum’ is our own online community where you can have your say on Africa’s big issues. There are too many things to comment on and talk about. From whether we really need an AU to why shouldn’t the Chairperson of the AU, on the assumption to that high office, in a 45-minute address, inform us what he or she would be doing for the continent for the next 12 months. Or maybe, you may love to inform us, just how well the AU and its Members are doing. You may also wish to offer suggestions on how they could improve their programs.

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AU Watch Studios

Creative, informative and entertaining media outputs are at the core of our approach. At AU Watch we believe that media and communication can inform, connect and empower. They can help people, institutions and even governments bring about critical and lasting changes. AU Watch’s advocacy, and outreach activities are two major strands of our communication strategy.


With regional expertise and reach, our studios aim to:

  • Train both media professionals and citizen journalists, introduces innovative media solutions, increases coverage of vital issues and helps establish policies needed for open access to information. Our programs create platforms for dialogue and enable informed debate, which bring about social and economic progress. We are committed to research and evaluation that creates effective and sustainable programs, even in the most challenging environments.
  • Our studios source, develop and produce content that feeds into AU Watch Radio and TV programming.  

Develop and support some very provocative conversations about what the AU is? Do we really need an organization called the AU? If we do need an AU, how can the AU and AUMS create effective institutions in Africa that also allows for meaningful participation by the populace?


We have an extensive range of skills to call on – directors, camera & sound crew, editors, graphic designers, web programmers, composers and illustrators. We also have strong contacts all across Africa particularly in human rights, media, education and development. Our partners and clients include the AU, AUMS, and dozens of regional and international organizations.

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