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“Silence never won rights. Do not expect rights to handed down from above; they are forced by pressures from below, by people like you. So, to those who still feel a sense of impotence and helplessness – I say to you, you can do something: support AU Watch and all the defenders in Africa who are standing up for truth, freedom and justice”. 

Theresa Ogunade, Mother, Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist


AU Watch at a Glance

AU Watch is an independent African-based,research, policyand advocacynon-profitthat was specifically set up to monitor the activities and policies of the AU and AUMS (as they relate to the AU -generally)by the standards of the Constitutive Act.We challenge and holdto account the AU and its Members (States Parties to the Constitutive Act) to live up to those standards and ideals they have set for themselves. When they fail, we step in to demand corrective action, reform, accountability and justice. Where they succeed, we reinforce such success by taking concrete steps to maintain their achievements.

We are also committed to advancing a wider understanding of what the AU is,how it works and the effects it has on its various constituents, including you. Through our comprehensive media, outreach, advocacy and education programs and activities, we seek to raise awareness, expand and disseminate information and understanding of AU affairs, focusing on the inter-relationship between (in)security, human rights, education and development.
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What we do at AU Watch

• We carry out state-of-the-art policy research leading to solutions to the challenges facing the AU and Africa. We contribute in building a more secure, peaceful, and prosperous Africa through independent analysis and action addressing critical regional challenges.

• We promote and protect human rights in Africa. We reveal secrets and expose truths surrounded by silence, and serve the public interest by uncovering human rights violations, injustices and inequality.

• Promote constructive engagement with the leadership of the AU.

• Promote Sustainable Development in Africa.

• We develop tomorrow’s leaders.

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Our Theory of Change

AU Watch’s overall theory of change states that: If all of us are empowered and became more aware of our rights and responsibilities, we would be civically confident to effectively engage in political and other development process of Africa. As campaigners and advocates, we try to influence change and make a difference on the issues, and for the people, that we care about.

Human Rights is Our Collective Responsibility

The Judicial and Human Rights Centre(JHRC) is the main body within the AU Watch structure that is responsible for promoting the human rights agenda of the organisation. Simply put, we promote and defend civil, political, social and economic rights in Africa. We also monitor the activities and policies all the AU organs with a human rights mandate – and hold the AU and its Members accountable to live up to the standards of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, and all the other hard and soft laws, enacted by the various human rights bodies of the AU.

Another key function of the JHRC is to assist the AU to promote its human rights policies, activities and agenda. The objective is to bring as many people into the AU conversation. We assist collaborating partners in organising themselves, supporting them so that they can become important players in civil society, capable of raising public awareness about the what AU human rights bodies are doing, and to have an impact on the authorities in their country.

The Centre also coordinates its network of partners by promoting exchanges, proposing, conducting and monitoring regional and international training events and joint advocacy campaigns, thus supporting the activities of the AU and providing it with exposure nationally, regionally and internationally.

AU Watch is a registered African non-profit that is religiously and politically unaffiliated.

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