Do you know that if you have a very big fulcrum you could, theoretically, use a lever to move the Earth around? Yes, we understand that it has to be a mightily big fulcrum. But it is possible. AU Watch uses its own form of leverage to move Africa in different ways — employing advocacy, media & communication, litigation, funding, and influence to create change beyond what our own resources could accomplish on their own.

How We Use Leverage

• AU Watch works at the intersection of African governance, human rights and development to create evidence-based programs with likeminded organizations and communities to achieve the Africa of 2063. By leveraging multidisciplinary teams and taking an integrated approach, we are able to effect changes within the AU system.

• At AU Watch we believe that the shortcomings of the AU and its Members are not fatal. At AU Watch we believe that together all of us can change Africa. Using our influence, expertise and knowledge of the AU and its Members, we act as a catalyst with our friends and partners to achieve greater impact. We gather and analyze data, share it worldwide, and help to empower disadvantaged communities in Africa to understand their rights and ability to improve themselves and the region.

• Because of our presence in many parts of Africa, we are reaching out to Africa’s policy and state managers to improve the political and legislative terrain in which CSOs and media professionals’ work, as they are a crucial plank in developing people’s capacity to make informed choices and changing minds and attitudes.

Capacity Building
We partner with the AU, AU Member States, local and international NGOs to leverage our expertise and resources as a means of enhancing their advocacy efforts. For example, we are experts of the African human rights system and one of the things we do is to train the next generation of human rights campaigners and advocates.

Education, Advocacy & Reform

We leverageour legal and policy expertise to challenge laws, policies, cultural norms and practices.

Using our influence as a thought leader and convener. We use our regional brand to get our messages to Africa’s policy chiefs.

One Team. Many Perspectives. Our small but mighty team combines an essential mix of backgrounds, from Agenda 2063 expertise, human rights law, anti-corruption strategies, governance skills, strategic thinking and writing to development studies, leadership attributes and more. These diverse skills are supplemented by a dedicated group of advisors at the level of our governance structure who bring their expertise to specific projects to ensure maximum impact.