Our philosophy is simple – great leadership development improves leadership behaviours and skills. Better leadership leads to better governance.

We are committed to a society with a robust rule of law. Our APAS program informs, connects and inspires young people to engage in dialogue and take action for human rights, democracy, and inclusivity. Our purpose is to work with some of Africa’s most outstanding and promising young high school students to deliver excellent leadership across the region which in turn will have a direct impact on governance and development in fulfilment of the AU’ Agenda 2063 Programme.

We do this by:

Inspiring & Empowering
We inspire and empower Africa’s youth to take a more than active role in the Africa of tomorrow. 

Educating today’s youth about Africa and their role in the Africa of tomorrow is crucial for the achievement of Agenda 2063. We educate tomorrow’s leaders on past and present development, social justice and human rights challenges through critical historical as well as contemporary inquiries and cross-cultural dialogue.

Connecting & Collaborating
Africa’s youths need to be on the same page, if we are to make progress on human rights and development. This program emphasizes an open, exploratory, and collaborative approach to learning. Our goal is to connect all the youths of Africa into a massive collaborative project, with the aim of strengthening governance, democracy, human rights and social justice.

By designing practical interdisciplinary programs that foster intellectual curiosity, deepening regional understanding and inspiring creative action across all areas the AU works on, APAS seek to empower the next generation of African leaders by building a regional community of young, knowledgeable and passionate Africans intending to move the continent to its ultimate destiny of being the greatest continent in the world.

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