Our Business Model & Strategy

We identify customer needs and then we apply innovative ways to deliver successful solutions (within the pic).

AU Watch News is a ‘For Profit’ business within the AU structure.AU Watch News is a 100% subsidiary of AU Watch and financed through commercial revenues.

Our business model is based on our client’s needs. We work closely with customers to understand their plans and challenges, and develop first-to-market products and services to fulfil their requirements and exceed their expectations.

We Have a simple Business Model….

1. All areas of our organisation seek to work in partnership with clients and customers to understand and solve their current and anticipated real-life problems. We are thus in a position to provide business insights for all stages of a business.

2. We get paid a commission as consultants by working with you. We also get paid a commission by recommending and reselling products and services we trust and use ourselves from other companies and partners. We sell a range of business services and products.

3. Every year, we run hundreds of business workshops, trainings, seminars, project management courses, motivational speaking, and one-to-one coaching teaching entrepreneurs how to build thriving online and offline business from scratch to launch and thereafter. We also offerproductized services – providing, from thinking through a business idea to launch and thereafter, comprehensive paid for business solutions – like writing your business plan, locating funding, business management support and advice, corporate / business coaching & training, marketing your business, human resources, consultancy / administrative solutions and e-commerce services. We do copy writing, proof reading, write and run adverts and PR materials. As a social enterprise, we attract sponsorships, and get paid for teaching and conducting research for clients. We also supervise and run projects for clients.

4. Our Ecommerce platform sells physical products which belong to us. Some of these products, like our Moringa products, are manufactured in our own factory. Our Ecommerce site also sells physical products we buy and store from trusted partners. We also do ‘Dropshipping’, where we create an entire sales funnel that the actual factory ships direct to the buyer.

5. We sell digital information products, like SaaS products (software as a service), training, dating advice, fitness consultations, apps, downloadable e-books, (content writing) producing and curating content, business plans, written by our own experts and other business consultants. We also make money from online access to our digital newspapers/magazines, to our full-blown training sites with video, audio, and interactive forums all behind a membership gateway.

6. We help you raise money for your business. We are a Crowdfunding site. Entrepreneurs create over millionsof new businesses each year, and yet only a fraction receive funding. We’ve set out to change that by creating a business crowdfunding platform that enables young Africans to raise capital from investors, customers, and friends.

How it is all interconnected

Generating value for a range of customers

Our vision is to be the customers’ first choice in our selected market segments, creating value through high-performance solutions. We partner with them to enable and assure their product and service offerings, and secure their ongoing business success.

Our Values, Code of Conduct and Rules for Corporate Governance provide principles for how we conduct busi¬ness and, in doing so, a framework for our operations.

The aim of our strategies is to ensure leading posi¬tions in selected segments through differentiation. With our focus on excellence, growth and innovation, we are committed to solving our customers’ challenges. Our leadership is the link between strategies and action.

Our Strategy

We work closely with customers to understand their plans and challenges, and develop first-to-market products and services to fulfil their requirements and exceed their expectations.

AU Watch News has five core themes at its heart: Our corporate objectives:
• To be recognised as the most influential and trusted business organisation
• To value diversity and inclusion in everything we do
• To be fully representative of the whole UK smaller business community
• To provide the most valued package of business benefits and services
• To provide the most effective network for smaller businesses across Africa


We collaborate closely with customers on the new solutions to meettheir needs. Our sales cycle often involves the customer evaluatingthe product before they purchase.Much of our income comes from established customers. Long-term customer retention is key to our success.


We Stand for


We create a high-performance culture in a global environment through shared values and target-oriented leadership. Leadership is the link between strategy and action and ensures that we make use of the strength of the organization, drive developments in the right direction, ensure that action is taken and correctly allocate our resources.

AU Watch News is an expert in understanding and addressing the complex needs of the Bame business community


To ensure that the strategies are implemented, ongoing activities are defined that are continuously followed up. These can take the form of, for example, growth initiatives, portfolio development, operational efficiency, talent management and innovation initiatives.


We promote an innovative culture and attitude. We think differently and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to everything we do. Innovation is a key driver for our growth.


Our products and services:

  • reduce the time to get products to market;
  • ensure the quality of customers’ products and networks;
  • protect customers’ brand reputation; and
  • increase the efficiency of their operations through automation and analytics to optimise their activities and investments.

If you’re an African entrepreneur attempting to build a profitable business, attracting the attention of investors, journalists, and customers can be tough. Not only do you need to fight for attention in an already crowded marketplace, but you also have to fight against stereotypes and thinly-veiled racial bias at the same time.

AU Watch News is here to examine and illuminate our constant struggle to get more done, invest in creativity and focus, and be happy doing it. We bring journalistic rigor and credible, peer-reviewed science to bear.