Our Donors


• AU Watch’s donors play an essential role in sustaining the quality, independence and impact of our work by providing critical intellectual engagement and financial resources to support a wide range of projects on the policy questions facing decision makers at the AU and AU Member States.

• The individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies that contribute to AU Watch value not only the empirical inquiry and practical policy recommendations we produce regularly, but also the practical nature of our work.

• Our donors attend a variety of public and private events that allow rich intellectual exchanges with our staff, scholars and Governing Council. They also get a first look at our work and receive special updates and other communications from AU Watch’s Chairperson, Bahame Tom Murkiya Nyanduga.

AU Watch provides a number of ways for donors to get involved in the practical and intellectual life of the organization.
These include exclusive invitations to private events and conference calls on pressing policy topics, private issue briefings from scholars, complimentary publications, and reserved seating at public events. Donors also can choose to receive periodic communications from AU Watch that highlight recent research and impact.

Getting Involved with AU Watch

AU Watch welcomes the engagement of a range of stakeholders in our work. We have developed a variety of opportunities and ways for individuals, corporations to contribute to our research programs, development assistance work, publishing, media and communication and many more. For more information, please click here.

AU Watch’s Governing Council offers a program of events and other activities for private-sector leaders who value interactions with AU Watch’s Governing Council and volunteers.
Foundations and Other Organizations
Private foundations interested in supporting specific projects should contact Isata Coomber, Senior Program Director, Development on +44 745 964 7650. Learn more about the work that AU Watch’s experts are doing.

Governments, Universities, and NGOs
Organizations interested in supporting specific events and projects or partnering with AU Watch should contact Alison Scott, Program Director, Development on +44 745 964 7650, to learn more about the work that AU Watchis doing. All potential partnerships are subject to AU Watch’s partnership policies.

To advance its research and policy goals, AU Watch often partner with organizations that share our high standards for quality, independence and impact. All potential partnerships are subject to AU Watch’s partnership policies