Our Mission and Vision


We invest in outstanding, promising and courageous young people.

APAS inspires and empowers the next generation of young African leaders connected by the continent’s normative shared values framework, especially its Agenda 2063 programme and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by building a dynamic regional community of informed leaders who are actively participating in all the decision-making processes and affairs of the continent.

APAS engages Africa’s most promising high school students to shape, regional and industry agendas.


APAS is a unique academic, practical and leadership program for young African students at the University of The Gambia and in many universities across Africa, founded on the shared values of an Africa that seeks to assimilate and reflect those norms, principles and practices that have been developed or acquired, and which provide the basis for collective actions and solutions in addressing the political, economic and social challenges that impede Africa’s integration and development. APAS envisions a time when those shared values are integrated through peace and security, social justice, human rights, good governance, integration, development and institutional building activities.

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