Our Rehabilitation Clinic

AU Watch Centre for Psychotraumatology

AU Centre is establishing Psychotraumatology clinics in many of its chapter. They are psychiatric clinics, which assesses treats and rehabilitates torture victims and their family members. We treat severely traumatised refugee adults, children and families. We also provide training and consultations for professionals and work communities.

How We Help


Torture survivors receive out-patient care at our Centres, including medical and nursing care, psychotherapy, social services and massage and physical therapy.


Our training projects allow individuals and organizations to learn new and improved ways to provide healing services to torture survivors.


As you probably know by now, research underpins all that we do. We work with the African Commission, especially the Special Rapporteur on Prisons and Conditions of Detentionin Africa, victims and their families and other civil society groups to help them develop their own tools for measuring the impact of rehabilitation services on the well-being of torture survivors. We conduct rigorous evaluation and monitoring to ensure the work we do is effective.


We are also a media-based organisation. That is one of our major strengths. We give voice to the people whose voices have been silenced by their governments. We monitor and hold to account all the promises made by the AU and its Members, especially where torture is concerned. Not only do we bring hope to victims and survivors, we power hold power to account

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