A Plenary of Parliamentarians
Pages 72-83 | Published online: 21 Jul 2010

This article enters the debate by giving an overview of the workings of the PAP and makes some concrete proposals on ways in which the continental parliament can contribute to the continent.

One Africa One Voice: Pan-African Parliament Paperback – Import, December 31, 2005
by Silke Colquhoun (Editor)

The Pan-African Parliament: Is the Glass Half-full Or Half-empty?, Issue 168
Gerhard Hugo
Institute for Security Studies, 2008 – African cooperation

State of Readiness of African Parliaments on the Eve of the Pan-African Parliament (Aisa Research Paper) Paperback – 1 Jan. 2002

Of all the organs of the African Union (AU), the Pan-African parliament stands out as one of the most important, since it will be a first for the African continent. This institution intends to play a key role in bringing together African parliamentarians to discuss common issues and take decisions; key political decisions therefore no longer being the responsibility of heads of state alone.

The role of the Pan African Parliament in African regionalism: Institutional perspectives and lessons for Africa Paperback – 4 May 2011
by Ogochukwu Nzewi (Author)

This book critically analyses the definitive role of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) in African regionalism. Judging by the push of the Pan African Parliament to acquire legislative powers since 2009, this book is timely as it’s findings present valuable lessons for African institutions of regionalism.

Transformation of the Pan-African Parliament: A Path to a Legislative Body?, Issue 181
Saki Mpanyane
Institute for Security Studies, 2009 – African cooperation