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Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, where someone is exploited by another. We attack exploitation at its core by providing intervention, rescue, protection, and education – empowering

No Escape For Many

‘Huge problem’ in Africa. Did you know that 2.5 million people are trafficked globally last year? 1 million children of them are children.

Driven by poverty, conflict, discrimination and injustice, hundreds of thousands of people in Africa fall prey to sophisticated trafficking gangs every year — living and too often dying in harsh conditions on the shadowy margins of societies far from home. Fearful of the authorities and forced to work as prostitutes and labourers under threat of violence, many find no escape.

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Lack of human and financial resources for anti-trafficking activities, combined with weak laws, porous borders and a seemingly endless supply of people desperate to escape grinding poverty at home, have hamstrung efforts by African and other developing countries to prevent their citizens from falling into the hands of the trafficking gangs.

Slavery and trafficking are big business, earning the gangs upwards of $10 bn a year, reports UNICEF. Help us stop it!

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Taking Action

AU Watch is strengthening its relationships with relevant stakeholders to facilitate the ongoing development of effective policies and tools, both at the regional level and country level, to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach; and working to improve its ability to collect, track and report on data related to human trafficking in order to enhance knowledge and adapt our response appropriately, both domestically and on the international stage.

Maintaining and developing strong partnerships is critical; so too is a robust knowledge base informed by topical and relevant research into the nature and scope of human trafficking. We are working with our research department to fully understand the extent of these crimes in Africa. It seems far more widespread than we already know. We are developing a logical and transparent framework to estimate the extent of this crime to fully understand the problem and to work with the AU and its Members to develop an effective and appropriate policy response.

Together works. It is only together, as a community, that we can combat human trafficking. We mobilise communities to join the fight against human trafficking. We are also rolling out our ‘Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act was signed into law, requiring human trafficking prevention to be taught in California schools

We invite you to join us as we confront this most egregious of crimes through the power of our collective voice. Together, we can address the root causes of slavery and human trafficking.


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“Africa itself has become a major source of trafficked people around the world, both within and outside Africa.The International Organization for Migration estimates that in Italy alone between 10,000 and 15,000 Nigerian women have been trafficked into the commercial sex.”

Dieu-donee AU Watch, Human Rights Director