Policy and Media Relations of our Chapters

Our Chapters work with local media organizations and policymakers to change attitudes and mindset and to bring about practical help on the ground. We use the power of media and communication to help people understand the AU and participate in its activities, reduce poverty and empower individuals and communities to understand and claim their rights. Through our advocacy campaigns and lobbying, we aim to influence local and national policy makers to adopt policies and positions that will advance human rights, democracy, good governance, sustainable development, regional integration and much of the objectives of the AU.

Awareness Raising
A major task of the Chapters is to ensure that AU Watch activities are effectively publicized in-country. Such publicity involve, for example, and where appropriate, organizing interviews with leading AU and UN personalities that visits the country, seminars, yearly schools athletics, football and other sports competition, press conferences / briefings, schools / colleges debating competitions, moot court competitions for schools and colleges, spelling competitions for junior and senior schools and radio and TV debates on all AU matters.

Sharing Knowledge and Experiences
Our Chapters provide advice and analysis, share knowledge and experience to help local policy makers formulate policy. We offer training, briefings, seminars, and conferences to inform policy on a variety of AU matters. Attendees include local and national politicians, local and international journalists and media organizations in the country, local and international CSOs, officials from the AU, UN, EU and others. We provide advice and recommendations on constitutional matters, guidelines, principles, and other foundational documents in local justice, governance, human rights and related fields.

If the vision as outlined by Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, is to be realized then we have no choice but to go after the system and individuals who systematically destroy the lives of our youths.

Corruption takes many forms, but always involves the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. AU-Watch anti-corruption programmes give voice to the victims and witnesses of corruption and work toward an Africa free of corruption. Learn more about us. Explore this website. Each year we score countries on how corrupt their public sectors are seen to be. How does your country fare? Take a closer look at our activities.