“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”  

Haruki Murakami in Norwegian Wood

Welcome to our ‘Publications and Resource Hub’. The JHRP ‘Publications and Resource Hub’ is a unit within the Publishing, IT, Innovation and Communications Program. Here you’ll find the latest publications, blogs, reports, regional instruments, helpful guides, legal information – basically everything about our human rights work and the work of other rights bodies in Africa.

We publish authoritative reports, briefings, research papers and books, as well as the the ‘Journal of African Studies on the African Union’; our monthly news magazine ‘AU Watch News, providing news, interviews, articles, op-eds, authoritative analysis and up-to-date commentary on current topics and matters; human rights Yearbook, ‘AU Watch – ‘State of the Union (SOTU): Human Rights’, where we review the human rights landscape for the past year; development Yearbook, ‘AU Watch ‘State of the Union (SOTU): Development’, where we review the economic and development landscape for the past year; Regional Corruption Index’, outlining corruption in Africa and the measures states are taking to combat this disease; ‘Regional Insecurity Index’ magazine, outlining how fragile and conflict-affected countries are combating human insecurity and many more.

We collaborate with several research affiliates and gratefully acknowledges support from a number of funding partners.

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