Our Fundraising Promise to You

When you choose to support AU Watch we understand it’s about so much more than being charitable. It’s a very personal decision that you have made to change another person’s life – someone you’ll probably never meet.

We’re incredibly thankful that you put your faith in us to do this on your behalf, and we want your decision to feel every bit as good as it should. 

We promise you:

We’ll spend your donation well

For every £1 you give:

  • 74p will be able to promote and protect human rights in Africa
  • 26p will generate more donations through fundraising, ensuring that your donation is still changing lives tomorrow*

*We expect to turn every £1 we invest in fundraising into almost £4 to put back into our work, so that 26p becomes £1.04.

We’re here for the long haul

  • We’ll deliver lasting solutions, not short-term fixes. That means we won’t necessarily choose the cheapest option and we’ll always invest time in making the right decisions with, not for, a community.
  • We’ll tackle the cause as well as the effects of social injustice, so that the impact of your support is felt far and wide beyond the project work it funds. 
  • We won’t give up until we’re out of business. We have one vision and we’ll stick to it until we achieve a human right compliant Africa.

We value your time

  • You don’t have to donate to AU Watch to help more people have access to clean water. Your skills and your voice are welcome here. We’ll give you opportunities to use your time so that you can help in the way that suits you. 

We’ll communicate with you how you choose

  • We’ll make sure you can see how your gift helps by sharing stories of the people in the communities where we work*.
  • We’ll communicate with you in the way you choose, and you can change your mind about how we contact you at any time. Just call our Supporter Care team on +220 722 5745 to let us know how you prefer to hear from us. 

*If we have your permission to do so.

We’re committed to integrity in our fundraising

  • To us, you’re a person, not “data”, and we’ll always take care of the information we know about you, and treat both you and it with respect. For one thing, we’ll never sell your details. You can read exactly how we treat information about you in our Privacy Policy.
  • We’ll choose the organisations we work with carefully to make sure their standards are as high as our own.
  • We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our fundraising to make sure we’re getting a good return for your investment.

Our annual reports

Our annual report details our achievements in the last year – and the incredible difference your support is making to people around the world, like Bernadette and her son Josy.

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