AU Watch Agenda 2063 Summit

About The Event
Since its founding in 2014, AU Watch annual two-day conference has established itself as a leading destination for many African development professionals, businesses, finance people, students, and corporates in the continent and diaspora alike.We ensure that disabled people are also able to shape the conversation on Agenda 2063 by involving them in all we do.

The aim of the Summit is to promote the vision and activities of Agenda 2063.By gathering officials of the AU and AU Member States, prominentintellectuals, leading politicians, forward-thinking corporate and entrepreneurial minds together with our population of highly capable and passionate students at AU Watch and the university of The Gambia and Legacy University, also in The Gambia, the Summit provides a unique platform for the sharing of ideas as to how Africa take meaningful action to ensure that the vision of the program does not fail. AU Watch’s Agenda 2063 Summitprides itself on being rooted in present realities, as it takes into account the dynamism and contextual framework on the continent and thus, promotes solutions with an African perspective.

This conference and workshop will be convened between senior African policy

Tuesday: 10 December 2020